Friday, 25 May 2007


Anyone who has been in my situation knows that special feeling you have when you are waiting for or expecting a spanking. Regarding what happened Wednesday evening it was a reasonable thing to expect. So, it is not wrong to say that I walked home with butterflies in my tummy, yesterday.

Not that Felicia is a very revengeful person or that she would punish me for spanking her but my bum was better and could take a spanking and it was my turn, so to speak.

When we met she was all sunshine. Not that that is anything to be cheerful about. Sometimes she is like that just because she is looking forward to smacking poor Miranda's bottom.

The evening went by but there was no Miranda with knickers down receiving a spanking. I was waiting and thinking she was just being a little mean by letting me wait but no, no spanking.

So I can only say that the evening was an ordinary one, like so many other. Not that I mind being with lovely Felicia without her warming my behind but this was different. I have to admit that I was almost disappointed that she didn't smack me. I am strange and I know it. We'll see what happens tomorrow.


Dave said...

You are def. not strange at all to crave/desire a good, hot spanking! I guess somedays will be boring, ho-hum days with ho cherry red bottoms and knickerless adventures....


Miranda said...

Dear Dave,

It is very kind of you to say that I am not strange and I am beginning to beleive you. We can't all be weird. Still it feels a little odd to want something like that.