Friday, 12 November 2010


'You haven't been blogging for a long time, why is that?'

Felicia's voice was quite hard.

'Well, there hasn't been much to write about,' I replied.

'That is not really an excuse, your readers will feel abandoned, all the same.'

'What can I do?'


'About what?'

'I can help you. I have a remedy.'

'Not a surprise, you are the Doctor.' (this is a joke, Felicia has finished her PhD, maybe I should have written about that??).

At Felicia's request we reconvened in our living room. Felicia was equipped with a cheese board, a bath brush and the thick belt. I could see that she saw the need for a powerful remedy.

Without further ado, I was ordered to take off all my clothes. She explained that this was, really, a punishment and should be done properly. Properly means, in this context, maximal embarrassment and pain for Miranda.

I stripped off while she stood looking. There is something about being watched when undressing. And especially if the one watching is keeping their clothes on. At least I become quite self conscious and embarrassed. I knew this was what she wanted so I took it as part of it all.

I was placed on a chair so I could watch the tools she had taken out. Then she left me. I knew it was part of the punishment, but still it was quite nerve wracking to sit naked on a chair staring at some things that soon would be used on me.

Felicia is a patient woman. I am not, especially when in the nude. She waited for at least half an hour before she came back.

Then it was spanking time. Miranda had to climb the chair and kneel on it. Felicia set to work on Miranda's bottom and for this she chose the cheese board.

The cheese board is quite hard and quite heavy. At least it seems very heavy when applied on my naked bottom. Felicia is mean and persistent and soon my bottom was burning.

When she had stopped she explained that this was to be a good hiding so I shouldn't assume she was ready with me yet. No, she sent me into the corner. We don't do corners but maybe Felicia has decided to change that.

I don't know what is worst, sitting naked on a chair, staring at menacing tools or standing naked in a corner, with spanked bottom turned towards ogling redhaired woman, waiting for even more whacking of said bottom.

After a while it was time to climb the chair again and this time it was the belt. The feeling of the belt is quite different, although quite pronounced on a newly spanked bottom. And she kept on for a while.

I am not a girl who starts crying for all and everything, but now I was overcome with it and it felt quite good to let the tears come.

Then is was back to the corner. The third time I was placed in Felicia's lap while she applied the mean bath brush to my buttocks.

I don't know where she gets her determination. She has this strange ability to close her mind to the suffering of her fellow human beings. At least my suffering. She really kept on for a while, despite my bottom being quite red. I hadn't inspected it, but I knew what it felt like and I knew what kind of colour it usually corresponds to.

She was quite happy when she was done and in her kindness she placed me, yet again, in her lap, this time to apply lotion on my burning behind. I wasn't allowed clothes, so I lay there in the sofa, watching telly in the buff, the only light in the room, besides the telly, being my red bottom.

I will try my best to avoid this kind of punishments in the future. I will try to blog more.


Anonymous said...

well lovey you deserved your spanks for not posting for a while ,love and spanks ,tim xxx

Steve said...

We have missed reading of your adventures. Please pass along my thanks to your red headed friend!

S. in Dallas

Anonymous said...

Wow, you two have come a long way from not doing the discipline/punishment thing, haven't you? Sounds superb (and well deserved). And congratulations, Felicia, on the PhD!


aristotle said...

Well, you cannot say that you didn't deserve every single smack on your pert little bum!


Anonymous said...

You certainly didn't leearn your lesson, Miranda!


Miranda said...

Dear Anonymous, I did deserve it, how true.

Dear S. in Dallas, she heard you, she smiles wickedly.

Dear T, she is very proud, but still wicked.

Dear Aristotle, this time I will have to agree, every single smack.

Dear jim, no, I am a slow learner, at times...grins.