Thursday, 28 April 2011

2 – 1

I guess you know what happened. In Malaysia the smug German won, once again. And this time Hamilton wasn't even on the podium.

A bet is a bet, so I had no alternative than to shed my knickers and accept the spanking that was coming up. Felicia was cheerful about it and got the bath brush.

She placed me in her lap and proceeded to spank me with the brush. She quite liked it. I could hear how she chuckled as she smacked.

'I like this,' she said, 'why don't I use it more often?'

'Yes, why?' I thought to myself.

Since there were no Hamilton on the podium there were no limitations to the spanking she could give me. She continued for a good while with the bath brush. It is a formidable tool, I can tell you. She gets a certain swing with it, not at all like the hairbrush. It is much more powerful.

When she was done with the brush, she told me that she wasn't completely satisfied. No, she wanted me to climb the chair, kneel on it, and stick my bottom out. She wanted to use the belt.

I told her that this was rather harsh, but she didn't listen.

In her defence should be said that she didn't continue as long with the belt as she had with the brush, but it was more than enough, in my humble opinion.

The next week the tables were turned. Hamilton won the Chinese Grand Prix. You know what it means. I got to spank Felicia.

The world is not fair, so I only had fie minutes and could only use the hairbrush, but I can tell you that I made the most of my precious time.

We have seen some sun, lately (and mind you, this was before the glorious Easter Bank Holiday) and this means more freckles on Felicia's face. It looks very nice. Her bottom, though, was still very fair. When I was done with it, it had taken on a different hue.

I think Felicia is a little proud of me, that I have learned how to use a hairbrush. In fact, I do enjoy it. I can understand the appeal.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, Sounds fun! And HOT!

Anonymous said...

you gave her bottie her big spanks not yours for a change lol,love and spanks ,tim xxx

Mutti said...

When is the next race? Perhaps you should double your wager?

Anonymous said...

you really are haveing a good time aren't you? good luck for this weekend - and I hope you get to give for longer than 5 mins - change the rules. Nice to here you enjoy giving, yes, giving is almost as good as receiving.

Anonymous said...


I have been thinking all the excitement in your watching is loaded to after the result of the race. Why not have some in-play excitement?

My suggestion is that your clothing should reflect Lewis current race position.

Your starting position is 10 pieces of clothing. I'm thinking your cute red bikini as items 10 and 9, t-shirt, shorts / skirt, socks, shoes, and maybe finish with a cute McLaren cap as item number 1.

So if Lewis qualifies in pole you start with all 10 items of clothing on. If say he is 4th then you lose the cap, shoes and a sock.

Then as the race goes and he gains / loses position you gain lose clothing accordingly. Obviously if he drops below 10th and / or crashes out of the race you will be left naked.

I wonder what Felicia and others may think?


Anonymous said...

ooops lost a place already!

Miranda said...

Dear Christian, it is usually my bottom that gets very hot, I can assure you...

Dear Anonymous, indeed I did.

Dear Mutti, you mean longer and harder spankings? Sounds interesting...:-)

Dear JB, since you wrote this, one nicer spanking and one of those longer ones. She was in good form, believe me!

Dear Anonymous, I like your idea, but it seems like such a complicated thing to keep track of positions. Felicia liked it a lot, but as you can see in my next blogpost, we did take some inspiration from it...thanks...