Tuesday, 17 April 2007

First Report

Please don't think badly about my Felicia just because I tell you what she did this morning. She was on her way to work (she is a PhD-student in History) and I was still in bed, my work not starting until later (I work at a library, not very fancy and I am not a real librarian, just some slave...). Anyway, Felicia decided that I needed something to remind me of her while she was gone so she pulled my blanket off and sat on my bedside. I was still sleepy but I knew what she wanted.

Still sleepy I crawled over her lap and placed myself in position. I didn't realise she had my hairbrush in her hand until she started smacking me. This was a new one. I have never before been spanked while I was still sleeping. It hurt, I can tell you that. I had my knickers on but it still hurt like hell. And I was soon wide awake.

Anyway, she didn't smack me much but decided that I needed some on my bare so she pulled down my knickers and smacked my still sleeping bottom.

Anyway, the spanking was soon done and she let me off her lap, kissed me goodbye and left. I was still in bed, knickers round my thighs and a stinging bum and not still completely awake.

That was a very strange experience but I stayed in bed for a while sensing her presence on my now very warm bottom. I think she was cruel to do that but the strange thing was that it made me proud of her rather than angry. Maybe it is not that strange. I am very proud of her. I like it that she does this to me, although I am not sure I always enjoy the spanking as such. Or rather I know I don't.

This is my first report on a spanking and it was a brief one and the ground didn't open to swallow me up because I wrote it.


Anonymous said...

I bet you liked it!!

Dave said...

Hm..that sounds truly delicious. Keep up the great work on your blog!

All best,