Monday, 23 April 2007


Today is S:t George's Day and it has been an interesting weekend. No spankings Friday night and that was fine with me, especially with my bottom. Anyway, come Saturday and lovely weather and a mischievous Felicia. She has those moods when she likes to think of something to dare me with. It was a lovely morning and we had breakfast in bed and, lo and behold, Felicia treated me to it this time.

We had no special plans for the day so we decided to go to the very tiny city centre in our fairly smallish town. Perhaps to do some shopping. Anyway, I agreed to that not suspecting anything. When it was time to leave Felicia said she had decided what I should wear and immediately I realised that this would not be an ordinary trip to town.

So, when we got there on our bikes I was dressed in a very short black skirt. When I say short I mean, just above half my thighs and quite wide. A lovely skirt but it is a little daring for someone like me. No tights and no socks and black ballerina shoes. After all, the weather was lovely. I know some will say that it is nothing unusual with that and that many girls wear far shorter skirts than that. It was nothing strange with it besides the fact that I felt quite exposed. The thing that concerned me most was the top she had chosen for me. It is striped, long sleeved, not low neck but has quite a wide neck. It is a cute top, indeed, but it is very tight. I would say too tight.

Wearing a too tight top and no bra means two things. It will be quite obvious for anyone seeing me that I have not a very big bosom. Secondly, the bosom I have is, how should I put it, quite on display.

Felicia was quite conservative in a green, sleeveless knee long dress and low heel sandals. I know most women are far braver than me and don't mind plunging necklines and displaying their cleavage and such. But I felt quite naked walking there and that was what Felicia wanted.

I did turn some heads and that made me both blush and feel good in some weird combination. It was an ordeal for me and I saw Felicia enjoy my embarrassment. She does this to make me less ashamed of myself and it is, kind of, educational. Still it is a bit cruel and, knowing Felicia, she enjoys both aspects.

Ok, for your information, of course I was wearing knickers.

The day was not done with that. We then got home, had our dinner and put our feet up, mainly doing nothing. That is a good Saturday in my book. Anyway, come evening and Doctor Who. We don't watch much tv but the Doctor is a must.

Then came Felicia's next bright idea. She had me fetch the hairbrush and anyone reading this will understand what she had in mind. I am not stupid either so I was prepared. I was a bit concerned we wouldn't have time before the Doctor.

Felicia is very ingenious at times. She arranged herself in such a way in front of the tv that as I lay down on her lap we both could watch. At this time I had unceremoniously removed my skirt and knickers. That is, I was ready for a spanking.

She almost laughed as she declared that this was to be my Doctor Who spanking. She was to spank me all through the episode.

An episode of the Doctor can seem like an eternity, I can tell you. I have to say that there was no constant assault on my backside. For long periods of time she did not spank me but at times she really let go. Some times she landed just the odd smack now and then but then came more intense bursts, especially after something exciting had happened on the screen.

Being spanked while watching tv is not a good way if you want to concentrate on the very attractive Doctor and his gorgeous sidekick. Luckily there was a rerun on Sunday. Anyway, my bottom was hot and my mind in turmoil after it.

That was my Saturday, or at least the naughty bits. I will not tell you what happened later that night. That is our secret.


Dave said...

That post is simply way too delicously intriguing -- and hot. you are also a fantastic writer.


Your posts are thoughtful, insightful, erotic and always fascinating, giving us an insider's view into your world, as you explore the universe of spanking.

And Doctor Who is indeed a great show -- especially to be spanked during...



Anonymous said...

I've never commented on anyone's blog before but, so far, I really enjoy yours- it's sweet and simple, in a good way.
^_^ claire

Miranda said...

Deliciously intriguing, thoughtful, insightful, erotic, always fascinating, sweet and simple...
I am over the moon. You are so kind. Your comments make me want to continue blogging. Thank you, ever so much.