Wednesday, 25 April 2007

The Cherry Red Report

There is a new (I believe) and very prolific blogger out there whose name is Dave. His blog is called The Cherry Red Report and features something that seems to be an obsession of Dave's, namely girl's bottoms. Well it is not just bottoms that interests Dave but a certain way of treating them. Sorry for being silly. The Cherry Red Report is a blog about spanking with lots of naughty and lovely pictures of beautiful girls getting their bottoms tanned. Go read!

And more than that, the lovely Dave has made a feature on my blog and said some really nice things about it. We all blush and curtsy and cheer and dance around in joy (even the cat, although she seems to think it is a fun way of preparing for food).

So my advice is that you should visit The Cherry Red Report and look at the pictures and read the postings and enjoy it. It is worth it although a girl can be a little envious of all the beauties that are featured there.


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