Wednesday, 18 April 2007


Our little household, actually, consists of three girls. Besides Felicia and me there is Bananas, our cat. Well, to tell the truth, she is actually my cat but she has fallen in love with Felicia, that little traitor. I suppose that is inevitable. Everyone falls in love with Felicia and I, for one, can't blame them. Still I would have wanted Bananas to be a little more sensitive to my feelings. I suppose it is because Felicia is a cat. Her name says it all. I always thought that I was a cat but I am not the kind that Bananas prefer.

Don't be silly! Felicia is not that kind of cat that has fur and four legs, more the kind of human that has the soul of a cat.

I think Bananas still love me in certain ways, especially when I feed her. Today she decided to check out what was in the fridge and to do that she had to climb something. That something happened to be my leg and since I was not wearing any trousers, nor a skirt or anything, she had to use her claws directly on my very sensitive person.

Felicia laughed at me as she saw my scratched leg. She can be very cruel at times. I think Bananas laughed as well, satisfied with her deed.

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Dave said...

Dear Miranda,

Bananas is such a cute name for cat. Your great writing and unassuming tone of your blog I find most, well, intriguing.

Looking forward to more posts...!