Tuesday, 24 April 2007

About spanking

'Why do you like being spanked?' Felicia asked me the other day and I found I couldn't answer. I thought a lot about it and I am not sure I have an answer. I talked with Felicia and she said I should blog about it.

So, why do I like being spanked? I don't know. It started as a silly girl's thing way back when. When I met Felicia I found that we shared a lot of silly interests, such as horrible monsters, poor heroines imprisoned in dungeons, cruel and mean knights living in haunted castles and such things. Anyway, it was inevitable that our discussions should touch upon spankings. None of us had any experience of it, lucky us! I suppose it was because of that we found it so immensely exciting.

We had to try. We just had to and with a good friend like Felicia I dared to do it. It was scary, horrible, terrifying and immensely exciting. We spanked each other as much as we dared and it was our little silly secret.

We found, soon, that we both liked spanking me the best so after a while our roles were quite set. It developed from that and so did our friendship. We became more daring and other feelings entered into the equation and another kind of excitement as well.

Anyway, here we are and Felicia is not just a friend but a lover and a house mate and a lot more now. Spanking is still part of it, but although I write mainly about it, it is not the only thing that happens in our household.

I don't like the pain. I have never liked it and I still don't like it. That is part of it, that it is horrible, something you don't want. And because of that I long for it. I still think it doesn't count as a spanking if it doesn't hurt.

I don't like the word erotic spanking because that is not the reason, I think. Ok, I do get aroused but it is not part of, what should I say, lovemaking (lovely word, isn't it?). But there is this other kind of excitement that is there and it has something to do with Felicia wanting to spank me and I letting her do it. It is fun in a strange way and I like that she wants to do it and as long as she wants it I want it.

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Dave said...

What a beautiful post. You are both so fortunate to have found each other, and kind enough of to share it with us. Thank you.