Thursday, 26 April 2007


Did I say this was turning into a spanking blog? Maybe it is turning into a naughtiness blog. There were naughtiness in our household yesterday and I am still a little affected by it.

I work in the mornings this week so I was home early. I started cleaning our flat. I am, generally, a sloppy person but we were expecting guests. A fellow PhD-student of Felicia's was coming for dinner with his girlfriend. Harry is his name, believe it or not and his Merican girlfriend is called Kate.

I was happily plodding along when Felicia rushed in, some two hours before the guests were due. Anyway, she can be quite stressed out by such things so I tried to calm her down but eventually she managed to get me as nervous as she was.

We had got the flat ready in time and I was to start cooking. I do the cooking in our household. Felicia is not very good with such things. They were going to get Chinese style chicken with mushrooms - very nice. Most things I do are some sort of Chinese style (although I am not sure someone knowing any Chinese cuisine would grant me that).

Felicia had something up her sleeve. When I went into the kitchen and she saw me looking for an apron, she just told me not to bother with the apron but instead take my top off. I do not generally argue with Felicia but I had to ask her if she was serious. She was.

I do very seldom wear a bra so there I was, cooking topless. I can't say anything else than it added a certain edge to the situation. And I can tell you that an apron is not only good for keeping your clothes clean. Even tiny, tiny droplets of hot oil hurt when applied on naked skin, especially on tits.

Guests were soon arriving and I had to dress. Felicia had the nerve to choose my very tiny black dress for the occasion. It is a very lovely dress but for a dinner at home...It is very, and I mean very, short, very clinging, quite low cut and with spaghetti straps. It leaves you, one could say, quite undressed while still dressed. No stockings definitely adds to the sensation of being naked underneath your clothes. For your information, Felicia had me wearing string knickers, she didn't want any visible panty lines. I do hate string knickers. I felt tarty but the dress is more stylish than tarty, really. I love clothes but I am not a very fashionable person. This is one of my more stylish outfits I own (chosen by Felicia, of course).

I have learned to appreciate my appearance much more than I used to, thanks to Felicia. Still I don't find me beautiful. I am ok, quite slim, almost everything is small on me, my bosom, my hips, my hands and feet...well everything. Felicia said I looked gorgeous. I love it when she says I am gorgeous. I don't believe her but it is a very nice feeling. She, herself, looked fantastic in an orange linen dress (knee length and far less revealing than mine, of course) that matched her hair. It sounds odd but it works on her.

Guests arriving and Harry, for one appreciated my outfit. He could see almost everything of me so I suppose the animal in him took over. He seemed to be the kind of man that spots when a girl is not wearing a bra (perhaps all men are of that kind). It is kind of flattering getting that kind of attention but I get immensely embarrassed as well. The fact that I blushed and couldn't look at our guests did not detract from his attention. Maybe he likes shy girls. But why would he then be together with the feisty Merican Kate (also dressed in black, although far more modestly)?

They liked the meal and seemed to have a good time. Felicia and Harry did the talking and that was fine with me. I am not very good with conversations when I am blushing. Kate participated at times, when she did not stare at me.

I was relieved when they went home. They were nice, I have to admit that but I felt such a display object. I know it is part of Felicia teaching me not to be a prude but it was kind of embarrassing. Still, Tiny Miranda has to admit that there is a certain tingle in that embarrassment that is not altogether bad.

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