Friday, 20 April 2007


I realise that this is turning into a spanking blog. Although it is far from the only thing we do it is by far the most exciting thing we least at the moment. Well it has been like that for quite some time now. I know there is a term erotic spanking out there. But I feel that is not the best word for us. Could you say entertainment spanking? Or fun spanking? Anyway, it is a bit of fun and has always been like that or like a game we play. Felicia dares me and I endure.

I would be a liar if I said it wasn't exciting in that other, more embarrassing, way too. That is strange, I think. Why on earth would you be excited by something that hurts (and it does, believe me!) and something I don't really like when it happens? Well, sometimes I do but I don't particularly enjoy pain. I do feel proud when I do endure it and the thought of a spanking is, kind of, exciting.

The header for this post is thingies and it occurred to me that anyone reading this may be interested in the things we (or rather Felicia) use. We do not collect thingies but some we have bought for the sole purpose of warming my behind. We own a hairbrush (most often used), a bath brush (really scary and Felicia thinks it is a little too brutal, to be honest) and a riding crop (that is a very special thing, I will tell you more about it some other time). Although ordinary things, we actually bought them for, hm..., my spankings. Felicia owns a belt that is good. At least she thinks it is good and a ruler that is often used. Felicia is a girl with many ideas and she likes to experiment.

Anyway, Felicia is not a cruel person and to be honest she most often smacks me a little for fun and then it is the hairbrush. The other things are more of an occasion when she uses them. Perhaps the ruler is an exception. She likes the ruler. I don't.

Anyway, we will see if there will be any spanking in our household this evening.


Bonnie said...


We like the term "recreational spanking." I think it conveys the concept of fun on several different levels.

BTW, I think spanking is a great topic about which to blog. :D


Dave said...

Intriguing post.

Well 'thingies' are a good thing and being turned on by this whole topic is terribly natural and cool.

It's interesting when you look at vintage spanking pix, some things just don't change--folks have always been into the spankin' thing.

Personally, I'm trying (it's hard tho) to not figure out why/what it all means, and to try to just Embrace it! :) and hopefully have fun with it.