Thursday, 19 April 2007


Well, everything about our lives is not about spanking and naughty things. Still it is an important part of it and something that I feel an urge to talk about.

I know most people who are into such things know more than I do and are far more confident about it. We are only amateurs. I have known Felicia for many years and it started a long time ago but I will not go into details since it concerns us as we were not very old.

Anyway, we are not part of any 'scene' and we don't meet others into spanking. We don't live in, what they call, a domestic discipline relationship. Felicia is not the head of our household and she is not my guardian charged with my discipline or anything. The simple truth is that she is the girl, the woman, who has the right to spank me.

It started as a game, as something fun. It was like truth or dare but no truth, only dare. She dared me to do things and I usually complied. Anyway, spanking was part of that silly girl's game and for some reason Felicia is the kind of girl I have to obey. She dares me to let her spank me and I comply. It as simple as that. And it is still for fun.

Not that I always find getting a spanking fun but it is there as a kind of game we play, a game we both enjoy. We may be strange but I try not to think like that.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful relationship! I'm afraid that you are completely normal :-)

Enjoy and have fun...

The Cherry Red Report

Bonnie said...


I don't think that you and Felicia are strange at all.

Then again, perhaps I'm not quite an unbiased observer. :D


Miranda said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments. It means a lot. What you have said make me dare to speak more freely. Thank you!!