Monday, 19 November 2007

No, No, No...

Let me first make sure that no one believes it is my bottom in the picture in the last blog entry. I repeat, it is not a picture of Miranda's bottom. Not that Miranda would be ashamed of having such a bottom. It is, indeed, a very nice, round, soft and spankable bottom but it does not belong to yours truly.

I think it was quite mean of Felicia to put that image up and let everyone believe it was my bottom. I gave her free hands with the blog and look what she did! I had to attack her with the hairbrush for that. I did get some good smacks in before she overpowered me. She is quite good at that. As I said, she got some smacks from my hairbrush and I wasn't meek, being a little vexed with my friend. You can't she didn't deserve it.

She just giggled but I knew it hurt. I felt good about myself. Not the it stopped her from trying out the new belt on me the day after. On Saturday she had me kneel on the chair, no skirt, knickers down and sticking bottom out.

She thought that she would try the belt on my bottom without any warming up. That is kind of mean but you know how she is, mean and red haired and so. I can tell you that the belt is not the worst thing imaginable but it stung. You know, depending on where it hits it can be ok at times but really bad at times.

On the whole a good gift. Felicia was pleased and you know what? Miranda was pleased too.

I saw what she wrote in the blog but she hasn't taken the fish slice to my bottom again. I am quite sure it will not take that long before she does, though.


Jim said...

You can't fool me, Miiranda! That is your bottom. The only way yuo can prove otherwise is to show us your real one!

Dove said...

I'm with Jim, we want proof.

Show us Miranda's bottom!
Show us Miranda's bottom!
The naughty little thing
Shall get quite a sting
Felicia's belt won't be forgotten.

It always makes me laugh though when you get a few swats on Felicia.


Anonymous said...

i also agree we all need prove
come on show us all your bottom

Miranda said...

Why should you decide to think that there was a genuine image on the blog now, you naughty people? Just to shut you up I will publish pictures of me in the library...and see if you believe me then...hah!!