Thursday, 8 November 2007

Miranda Goes Shopping

Miranda really went shopping yesterday. Contrary to popular belief, all girls don't love shopping. Miranda is the odd exception. She is not happy in big crowds and she never finds anything that she likes. Despite this aversion she went shopping for something to spank with.

It was, kind of, fun to go searching for things to spank with. It added something to it to think that it was my own bottom on the line, so to speak. I had a lot of mixed feelings as I looked at wooden spoons and different things that could be used on my very own bottom. It is strange to hold a wooden spoon and think it is too light and flimsy for to be useful. How stupid can you get? Flimsy means nicer, so Miranda should be happy with flimsy. Still, that is not the point with spanking, is it?

I even had my hands on a very nasty looking bamboo stick. Its purpose was to hold plants up but it struck me (no pun intended) that it would be a very painful stick to take to poor Miranda's bottom. It scared me but then I sensed that it should be like that. A whipping is supposed to be bad, isn't it? So the stick seemed a good choice.

I decided against it because I had read somewhere that bamboo can break and be very sharp and there is risk for injuries. We don't want injuries so no bamboo stick. Still there was this strange thrill that I, kind of, enjoyed.

In the end I went to this ironmongers place that has everything and bought a kind of wooden fish slice thingy with three slits in it. It was not heavy, nor light and in the hand of an expert it will deliver a certain sting, I believe. And the slits will leave interesting patterns on Miranda's bottom.

I went to Primark and found a belt. I know, Felicia, already, has got a belt but this would be for my bottom alone. It is an inch wide and quite heavy. Not too much but not light either. We will see how it works.

Oh, I almost forgot. I saw some rope at the ironmongers. I just saw it there and I suddenly realised that Miranda wants to be bound. We have some ropes but they are not really good for that. It happens that Felicia uses them but they are not very good, too stiff and unpleasant. I found this soft, white and smooth rope and decided I wanted it. I bought some three meters of it, thinking that Miranda would not escape three meters of rope.

I wondered if the clerk realised why I was buying a wooden thingy and some rope. He didn't look like he got the connection but who knows? Anyway, I thought about it and felt very naughty.

I gave the wooden thingy, the belt and the rope to Felicia. She was really touched and I think she realised what I tried to say. There was no real time for them but I got a couple of swats with the fish slice thingy on my knickers but I could feel it.

I think, on the whole, it was a successful shopping trip. I can't wait for Felicia to try out the rest of the things.

By the way, the image is not of the one I bought but it looks a little like that.


Anonymous said...

I don't like shopping either, and I'm a girl: but I do like having afternoon tea with my companion when the chore of mercantilism is over. Well done Miranda, I hope you enjoy your weekend.

Dave said...

I guess spoons for cooking make very good "pervertables."

Always love your posts related to your various "thingeys" i.e. spanking toys.



Jim said...

Hey good-looking! What you got cooking?

Miranda said...

Anonymous, I understand exactly what you are talking about. Tea is good and I did enjoy my weekend...smiles.

Dave, you are such a sweetheart!! Pervertables, that is hilarious.

Jim, it is banking on the spanking!!
Sorry, silly joke.

Anonymous said...

HaHA! I knew you wouldn't recognise me, even when I used big words. The anonymous mercantilist with cakey-mates was, (and still is) KLSE. My cakey-mate is of course the infamous Catherine House, who LOVES her wooden spoon.