Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Poor Miranda

You don't have to use terrible tools on Miranda's bottom to get her attention. The vigorous application of a simple hairbrush will do the trick. My dear Felicia proved that yesterday. She maintains that it has nothing to do with a certain bitemark on her bottom (see last blog post if you don't know what I am talking about!).

It was not very dramatic, Miranda across her lap, skirt up, knickers down and some, smack, smack. If you keep on with the smack, smack, it can be quite an ordeal. She kept on for a while and squirm is a word that springs to mind when I describe me in that situation.

I don't know what to think about her reaction. She seemed to immensely pleased about it. I didn't actually hear her laugh but she hummed a little tune for a while and that is pretty close. I like it that she is happy but somehow it makes it a little worse for poor Miranda.

When a very sore Miranda got her hug, Felicia told her that it was not for the bitemark (that is almost gone now) but for Miranda being silly about the images on her blog.

I knew she only wanted an excuse. She was the one who posted the fake (yes!!) image of my bottom. Ok, I started it some time ago but still, it was a little unfair, I think.

Anyway, that was that and Miranda had a smacked bottom. I am strangely pleased when I feel that special warmth that is there after a good smacking. That is how weird I am.

By the way, Bananas has recovered well from her humiliating fall into the bath tub. She is still a little upset but it is nothing that not a lot of food will fix.


Jim said...

What an enchanting tableau!

Felicia, like Snow White, humming whiles she works.

Naughty Miranda's bottom turning as rosy red as an apple.

Bananas gazing fondly at the scene--memories of wet fur fading at the thought of food.

Dove said...

Felicia certainly applies herself, doesn't she. No slacking off there.

So pleased Bananas is recovered.


Miranda said...

Dear Jim, 'while she works', yes that is a way of looking at it...giggles. And for Bananas, I have to tell you that the bathtub w as empty. I think there would have been far more commotion had there been a wet Banana running around the flat.

Dear Dove, yes, she is very persistent.