Wednesday, 21 November 2007


I do have some naughty readers. You don't believe me when I say it is not my bottom in the picture and you want me to put up a picture of it (my bottom) to prove it wasn't (seems quite illogical as I read it but you know what I mean). You will have to wait a long time before there will be any pictures of my bottom on the blog. Ha!

I am still a little annoyed with Felicia for creating this fuss and I think she deserves a spanking. I have even been thinking I should buy her a special thingy, just for her bottom.

I think that is a good idea, to have a thingy reserved for Felicia's, sometimes, very naughty bottom. And I am determined to use it. I wonder what it should be? Something nasty, hehe. Any ideas?

Somehow I have the sense that you, naughty readers, are not on my side in this. I wonder why?


Anonymous said...

After you get done with Felicia, you should put up a picture of her bottom to get even!! hehehe

Dove said...

I think a big leather paddle with Felicia emblazoned across it in red, to match her hair. Her very own paddle. You will be in so much trouble for that won't you?

Jim said...

I got a mew-mail from Bananas--confirming that it was indeed Miranda's lovely bottom, we saw

I think it would be very unfair for Felicia to be spanked, merely for posting a nice picture.

Anonymous said...

i agrre with jim about felicia not beig spanked
but i must say maybe you deserve another spanking for call us naughty?

Miranda said...

Dear Anonymous, that is not such a bad idea!!

Dear Dove, I do like the idea of a paddle with some imprint on it. To make a real impression, and I mean it literally..giggles.

Nice try, Jim, Bananas is only interested in being loved and love equals food in her tiny cat brain. If she could talk she would most likely say something like: 'Now, stop this nonsense and give me some food! I am hungry.'

But, dear Anonymous, you are naughty!?

Jim said...

Well, I have the mew-mail from Bananas right here. It reads

' Mewly, mew meow, Purr, mew, mew, purr. Meowly, mew meow.'

Which my cat Dave has translated for me as:

'Yes, you are right, that was Miranda's bottom. Now please send the smoked salmon you promised.'

So there you go. Cats are, in my experience: loquacious; voracious; and always veracious.

Miranda said...


'That was Bananas. I can translate.
"I deny all involvement in, give me something to eat!"'

Dave said...

I was unaware Bananas used meow-mail.