Friday, 2 November 2007


So you didn't think I went to work in the nude? Perhaps that was a little too much. Anyway, the picture was very nice, I think. Good to see a naked girl with glasses and whose hair is not blond or black. She looks like a very ordinary girl but a very nice looking ordinary girl. And with a very lovely figure...mmm.

I have nothing really to write about today. My bottom is ok now and no spankings this week. Today is Friday and weekend is here. That is good. I am doing this post, mostly to let you know that I have not abandoned my blog. I will be back. Maybe something nice will happen this weekend.


Jim said...

My weekend: caught the tube up to Brixton; bought some nice fish from a stall on Electric Avenue; had a tasty snack at a cafe on Coldharbour Lane. Went back into town, and watched the crocks lining up on Oxford Street for the start of the London to Brighton Vintage Rally.

How do you two feel about Lewis moving to Switzerland?

Miranda said...

It is always sad to see gorgeous racing drivers leave their home country but I can understand him. I can tell you one thing, though, your weekend was far more exciting than mine.

Anonymous said...
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