Friday, 23 November 2007

Vampire Miranda

I haven't bought anything for Felicia's bottom just yet but I am planning to. I can't believe the fuss about the image she put up on her post. No use in me telling my naughty and suspicious readers that it wasn't my bottom in the picture. To make you happy I have illustrated this entry with a picture of Felicia and me having fun in the kitchen. And it is me in the red tutu.

Anyway, what I am to tell you, happened yesterday. Felicia, Bananas and I were in the loo. As it happened. You know how girls are! For some reason we always seem to gather there.

To make a long story short. Felicia was leaning forward for some reason. I was standing behind her and just happened to be staring at her bottom. She has a lovely bottom (a bottom I am planning to smack in the near future). At this specific moment in time clad only in a pair of white knickers.

You have to understand. It is very hard to resist the temptation. A girl is just a girl and as Oscar Wilde put it: 'I can resist anything but temptation.' Miranda is only human so she gave in to temptation.

I leaned forward and bit her. I planted my teeth in her right buttock, middle part, a little to the right. I got a good grip with my teeth, I must say. It didn't last for long but it is not to exaggerate to say that the mood in the room changed.

Felicia didn't scream. The sound she made can't be described as a scream. It was quite clear to me that she was quite upset, though. The cat was upset too. She had been monitoring everything perched on top of the cabinet and now she lost her footing and fell into the bathtub. There was no water there but cats, generally, don't enjoy falling off things.

I had no idea my teeth were that sharp. She got a very nasty mark. There was no blood but a very evil looking mark. It was still there this morning.

Felicia jumped around for quite a while and I could but stand there and look at her in amazement. I think you will believe me if I say that she was quite angry.

She didn't try to kill me there and then and she didn't spank me for it. I know some of my readers would think, that could have been a natural progression but we don't do it like that in our household. She looked at me very angrily. I said I was sorry and she calmed down a little. Bananas was still upset but when she got some food she calmed down too.

I will not bite Felicia again, not for a long time. It was good fun though.


Jim said...

If you were so hungry why didn't you eat that tasty-looking piece of toast?

I'm pleased you weren't spanked for biting Felicia. Biters should either be bit back--or forgiven.

Dave said...

The naughty shenanigans continue on this yummy blog. I do love it!

I think you both need to buy some new, to use your charming words, 'thingies.'



Anonymous said...

Curtseygirl and Kiltygirl say: My goodness, dear girl you are a hoot! Catie and Kirstie are still cackling away like Macbeth's witches at the mental picture of Bananas falling off the vanity, m'rooww! CLUNK! Still, as a behaviouralist myself (K) I'm with Jim, "a bite for a bite". Still, there's "a bum for a bum" too, perhaps that cane needs to come out again. (If Kirsten were to bite either of her housemates it would CERTAINLY be the strap for her...Kirsten's teeth staying inside Kirsten's mouth.)

(Catherine puts hers in the jar at night.)

Still, the anticipation of Felicia belting you is NOTHING compared to the impatience of our hearing of how Banans will chuck you down a flight of stairs or somesuch!

Kiss and hug from each.

Dove said...

Crikey, this is what happens when I go away for a couple of days. I hope Bananas is OK...just as well no claws came out along with your teeth!

Nice pic and cute tutu...but what toast is Jim referring to. I thought it was pizza!

Jim said...

Same difference, Dove! Pizza was launched here (1950s)as 'Italian Welsh Rarebit'.

Miranda said...

'When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie...that's amore.'

Sorry, couldn't resist it.

I am still waiting for inspiration for my shopping trip. And, Curtseygirl, I can assure you, no animals were harmed in the creation of this blog post.

Thank you lovely readers for reading. I am sure there will be a continuation of this theme. I am sure my dear friend will see to that.

Dave said...

p.s. I have come to the conclusion that you both would fit most delightfully over my lap :-)

I can dream/can't i?

Miranda said...

Dear Dave, you mean at the same time or one after the other? I don't really fancy blokes to spank me/us but I might make an exception for you...sweetheart.