Friday, 30 November 2007

At Last...

I haven't bought a thingy for Felicia yet. I can't decide what would be best for her naughty bottom. I am thinking about a ruler or a hairbrush, nothing too brutal. She is not used to it. She has a sensitive bottom. Hehe (think evil laughter here!).

Although I haven't bought anything for Felicia I did get to spank her yesterday. Imagine that!! It is not the first time in world history this happens but it is not that common. Felicia is not a girl who enjoys spankings. Not receiving them, that is. As you know, she is quite happy dishing them out.

Anyway, what happened was this: yesterday evening, I came into our very tiny living room where Felicia was watching the telly. I had brought my hairbrush and told her that I was going to spank her. The thing is that I sometimes do this and it often ends up with me over her lap getting the spanking.

This time was different. 'Alright,' she said. I was astonished. There was a confused and slightly awkward moment when I didn't believe my ears but soon I was sitting in the sofa, Felicia lying in my lap (sort of).

She was wearing her pyjamas (that is pajamas for you Mericans out there) that didn't offered much protection for her lovely bottom. I got this urge to touch and squeeze her bottom instead of spanking it but I resisted. Miranda can be determined at times.

So what do you do when you get the opportunity to spank your loveliest friend? Are you going to be gentle to make her not regret it in the hope of repeating it soon? Or do you think you should make the most of the situation and give her a good walloping?

You live only once. Of course I gave her a good walloping. Or at least as good as I am able to. I am not sure she was really prepared for it. She didn't try to kill me or anything but she sounded very annoyed. I told her it was supposed to hurt and for some reason she found this extremely amusing. She didn't protest any more but was lying there chuckling as I started again. I didn't shut her up be it did hurt.

Then it was time to take down the pyjama trousers. Yummy, I liked that. Felicia is a red haired girl and has very fair skin. Now it was a pretty pink.

The sound is very different, don't you think? Pink turned to red and Miranda thought this was quite fun. I have to say that Felicia was quite brave. She is not used to this.

She was giggling when I was done but I thought I saw that glint in her eyes that said; 'just you wait'. But she didn't take the hairbrush and I gave her a hug and we had a great evening. The thing is that, although, I usually am at the receiving end and I think I will always prefer that, spanking is quite fun.


Anonymous said...

What lovely evenings in you two have! There is nothing nicer than sitting with a rosy bottom this time of year.

Dove said...

Next time, make her call you ma'am *giggles*. Good for you it must have been nice for the tables to be turned in this instance.


Anonymous said...

i would no brag to much. i think your turn will come before the start of next week,enjoy it while you can iam sure you will be trying to sit on your sore bottom soon xxxxxxxx

Dave said...

Hmmm mmm I love your adventures, your stories, your writing style. Very very yummy and erotic.


Miranda said...

Dear Anonymous and Anonymous, it is indeed a special feeling sitting down on a smacked bottom. I can tell you that it is easier today than it was yesterday. Poor, poor, me.

Dove, you have got the spirit. I will do that, but who knows when I get the chance, though...sigh.

Dave, you are always so kind. I am not as good at finding pictures as you are...smiles.



Anonymous said...

Ooops! I was that 1st anonymous--having forgot to add my name.

Jim said...

Which is: jim

Miranda said...

Hehe, Jim, you are almost as absent minded as me...giggles.