Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Who is the Stronger?

This is Felicia, the mean redhead, who is speaking. I just wanted to say something and Miranda let me do it. She is very kind.

I have wondered a lot about who is really the stronger. You who read this blog know that it is the evil red haired woman who dishes out the spankings and decides this and that. But sometimes I wonder if I am really the stronger of us two.

Sometimes I wonder what it is that make me want to spank Miranda and order her around. Alright, it is fun to spank her. No one can deny that. To have her there, in my lap or kneeling on a chair, sticking her bottom out, is really a something delightful, a lovely sight and to smack that sweet bottom is fun, exciting and yummy.

She is like a sweet you can't resist and sometimes I just want to unwrap her and see what is under those clothes she is wearing.

It is a real buzz to just tell her to take her clothes off and she does it. Or to order her to prepare for a spanking and she does it. It makes me feel powerful, like a queen. She obeys me and I am all powerful. It is scary but enjoyable.

Why does she do it? Why does she obey me? Because she wants to, that is the only true answer. She wants it and she does it. There is no secret behind it. There is even a kind of competition between us.

I try to provoke her to do something she can't and she tries to endure whatever I tell her to do. She endures when I spank her – she can be very stubborn. She obeys when I try to shame her a little.

This makes me toy with really naughty ideas. Like telling her to undress in her library and meet the people in the buff and that sort of thing, or to strip naked in the street or something, or that I should sit down and spank her on the stairs of a museum.

The great horror would be if she really did it. I wouldn't put her through something really shameful but you can always have fantasies.

Don't be too worried about Miranda, now. There is a limit to what she will do. When Miranda says 'no' it is no. There is no room for negotiations. If she doesn't want to do it she doesn't. The silly thing is that she obeys me when I tell her to serve tea in the nude when Fiona and Kate are here but she says no when I suggest that we should go shopping for shoes to her.

Miranda is really the sweetest thing. She is never ever moody, believe me, she isn't. She can be sad sometimes but never moody. She says she is grumpy but she isn't, really.

She can be angry, however. She may not seem to be that kind of person but she can be really furious. It doesn't happen often but when she is nothing can get in her way. Bananas is scared of Miranda when she is irate. The cat never fears me when I am angry but when Miranda is, she does a runner.

Mostly Miranda is cheerful. Actually, she is one of the most cheerful people I know and she really can pick me up when I am down.

And she is beautiful, did I say that? She is. The loveliest, prettiest person you can imagine and she doesn't know it herself. But I will make her see it, even if I have to use her hairbrush.

Now I will stop and just tell you that my team is France on Sunday and Miranda has England. I decided to go with France, believing them to be the better team at the moment but we will see. The fate of our bottoms is in the hands and feet of 30 strong men who without doubt will be both sweaty and muddy on Sunday...sigh. And yes, just because you fancy girls you are allowed to have fantasies about the rugby team.


Anonymous said...

Miranda has always struck me as a strong-willed person. And you (Felicia) have never struck me as being mean. Creative, but not nasty. *g* I'm sure Miranda wouldn't stay with you if you were mean. That's why you are both so beautifully suited to each other. :)

P.S. That girl in the library (you must have a lot of pictures of her!) is quite cute, except for one thing: I don't care for it when women shave themselves. Yes, I know it's how they do things nowadays, and that you are both young, so probably are used to such things. I admit to being old-fashioned that way....I prefer a woman who looks like a woman and not a little girl.

Miranda said...

Dear Alyx, no, she's not nasty, she can be cruel but in a very exciting way...smiles.

Yes, that's the risk when you have a picture of a shaved woman, that it reminds you of a small girl. I didn't think too much about it regarding this picture.



shaved57 said...

a like your body a like shaved

Miranda said...

Dear Shaved57, we all have our different preferences. The world becomes more exciting that way...smiles.