Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A Tale (Tail?) of two Spankings

I did have high hopes for Wales beating France and it was so close, so very close. But, alas, as it is now, France won by 21 – 16. Wales being my team in this match meant only one thing. Miranda's bottom was up for a rugby spanking. Five of the best.

Felicia, the mean woman, decided that we should wait until Saturday and so we did. Five with the dreaded cheese board is bad but not bad enough for me to lose sleep over. Still I was quite eager to get it over with the next day.

But there was no hurry. We went shopping and even had lunch out and all that before it was time. We returned home around three and then Felicia thought it was a good idea to spank me.

Sometimes I am really upset and sometimes eager but now I was just, not so very keen. I sighed and took my skirt off and climbed the chair and stuck my bottom out. She had only five but she decided to make the best of them.

She does have a good swing, that woman. She managed to set my bottom on fire in just five smacks. You have to admire skill when you see it...or rather feel it.

But that was not enough. Felicia was in one of her moods and told me how pretty I was and how immensely sexy my body is and that sort of things. Having read my last blogpost you know that this is nothing given for me and I really like hearing those things. But this time there was a certain menacing something to it.

Felicia told me to take my clothes off. It was Nude Saturday, she claimed. And she wanted to see my red bottom. What can you do? When your friend really wants something you do it. So there I was, stripping off all my clothes.

Then she insisted on continuing as usual. So there I was, in the sofa, with Felicia, reading the paper, having tea, chatting, all naked. Time and again she looked at me and smiled.

You don't really forget that you are naked but sitting there makes it more acceptable. I concentrated on the paper and a certain cosiness descended upon us.

This changed when it was time for dinner. No clothes were allowed poor Miranda when she was cooking. And no clothes when we were eating. Felicia had her evil grin on her face as she watched me clear the table.

All this is rather silly and when you know each other it is not a big deal but since she had ordered me and made no secret of ogling me it became a little tense. I was embarrassed but also a little flattered that she wants to look at me like that. I know you are supposed to feel all sexy and that going naked will end up in steaming sex. At our place it doesn't work like that. But it was still quite intense.

Then we watched a little telly until we realised that there was nothing worth watching. Felicia declared she was bored and she wanted to do something. This something turned out to be connected to my bottom. She told me that seeing me parading around the flat, all naked and with my bottom on display made her inspired.

It didn't take long until I was lying across her lap, she holding a hairbrush in her hand. Before she started she held it out and gave a long speech about how much she loves the hairbrush, how handy it is and how useful it is.

Then she started smacking me. She began with a steady pace of medium stinging smacks. I could tell that she wanted to keep on for a while. She did.

Your mind goes through all sorts of emotions when you are being smacked like that. Sometimes you think: 'this is ok, not too bad, I will cope'. Other times you think: 'oh, oh, this is beginning to be bad'. Then 'No, no, I am not sure I can cope with this'.

I have to blush now but I have noticed, sometimes that when she keeps up the spanking like this and my bottom begins to really warm up I tend to warm up too, the rest of me. That squirming and struggling makes you a little in the mood, so to speak.

And when you are like that, you begin to reconsider things. You start to wonder if not a very intrusive touch could be something nice and that if a certain hand would decide to touch certain body parts there would be no saying no.

The evil woman then ordered my up on the chair again. This time she got her belt, not the evil one but a lighter one. So instead of being naughty, Miranda had to get some more smacks on her poor bottom.

It was, kind of, weird. When you admit to yourself that you want to be naughty then being smacked becomes very intense. I don't usually get close to mixing pleasure and pain but this was as close as I have ever been.

I am happy that Felicia is as twisted as I am. She was in the mood too. She hugged me afterwards and there I was, naked against her clothes, bottom on fire but very much in the mood.

One thing followed another and redhead's clothes were disposed of and it was all very nice...although nice only covers half of it...smiles.


Anonymous said...

One day you shall have to go into detail on those other naughty things. *bg* Yes, I know that isn't very likely. But I'm happy that you both took advantage of the warmth spankings bring on. Warmth everywhere, yes? That's always a good thing! *smile*


Miranda said...

Dear Alyx, if you are a little prudish, like I am, it is not so easy to write about that. Maybe, one day.