Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Poor Bottom

Redhead woman was in good mood yesterday. I knew it already when she came home. She was very cheerful in a quite worrying way. I shouldn't really say worrying, because when she is in that mood I often end up getting a spanking and you know what I feel about that. Still there is a bit of anticipation beforehand.

When we had finished our dinner she went into the living room and told me, quite arrogantly, that she wanted her tea served. I prepared the tray and brought it in, playing the good servant.

When I had set it down, Felicia told me we wouldn't have our tea, just yet. No, before that I was to stand in the middle of the room, where she could look at me while sitting in her armchair.

I know her well and I was sure this meant she had something on her mind. She had me stand there for some time, while she sat looking at me. Being watched like that is a bit of mixed feelings on my side. And I was, of course, curious, where this would lead.

She even had me turn around, slowly, before she ordered me to take my skirt off. Then I was quite sure where this would end. She had me turn around again before the knickers had to go.

At this time, as you may have guessed, I was blushing. I had to turn around again while she watched. I do get terribly embarrassed, knowing she could know. I am not extremely embarrassed with lovely redhead, but being watched like that, while she was sitting there, fully clothed made me feel it more.

Then she told me to take my top off and lastly my socks (by the way, lovely over the knee, red and black striped socks...). Then I had to put my hands on my head and turn around again.

She knew what she was doing. She had me stand there and pose for her, in the buff, for a while. Then she said that my bottom was in perfect shape.

Although, I know she likes my bottom, she didn't mean it had a perfect shape. No, she was referring to the fact that it was unmarked, smooth and unspanked, and thus, ready for some smacking.

She then had me get the belt. I have mixed feelings about the belt. It is heavy enough to sting but not enough to really pack a punch. She often takes the belt when she wants to smack away with vigour, when she doesn't want to hold back that much.

With the belt in hand she ordered me to kneel on a chair and she began the smacking. Sometimes I think the belt is ok, and not too bad and at first I took it quite well but when she had been doing it for a while it began to be harder.

She is very good at this, she knows what I can and can't take and she noticed I began to be affected. It didn't stop her however, no she just took her time.

I didn't count but I was sure my bottom was quite red and affected when she was done. Then she ordered me into the corner. This is an unusual occurrence. She very seldom orders me into the corner Last time it happened, it also coincided with a hospital soap on telly.

So, there I was, naked, with a well smacked bottom, standing in the corner. I wasn't allowed out until Holby City started (the hospital soap). I could sit with her and watch but wasn't allowed any clothes.

It was then I did something stupid. I said to Felicia that she reminded me of the Naylor (a rather mean character in Holby City). She didn't take it well. My advice is: never compare your beloved partner with a soap villain (of sorts) when you are sitting naked beside her in the sofa, and just have been spanked.

After the programme, she told me to get the hairbrush and I had to go over her knee. A dose with the hairbrush is always much worse when your bottom is prepared with a belt beforehand.

Anyway, Felicia was quite cheerful when we went to bed and I, I slept well.


Anonymous said...

Well, Miranda....what a mean lady your redhead indeed is.....but I like her style!

I particularly like the fact that, having inspected your bare bottom, she pronounced it as being in 'perfect shape'.

BTw..I'm very sure that your behind is perfectly shaped......and extremely spankable.

I have to tell you that I sometimes inspect the wife's bottom earlier in the day when I intend to spank it later. I shall use Felicia's's in perfect shape......from now on!

To give you a further spanking after 'Holby' was very mean........


Anonymous said...

Tiny Miranda - greetings... I would like to compliment you on an exceptionally brilliant blog. Your writing is absolutely outstanding in style content and form .. your self expression is truly gifted and touches me deeply

sincere best wishes


PS I am curious why you do not leave a contact email...

Miranda said...

Dear Aristotle, I am sure my bottom isn't perfect, I am happy my beloved redhead finds it cute...and spankable...smiles.

Dear A.H., thank you ever so much for those words. I must have forgot to post my email on my profile page, will change that immediately.