Tuesday, 25 November 2008


I feel that my friend, the lovely Felicia, my love and my life gets a bad press here. I tend to tell you only of when she smacks my bottom or thinks of something mean to do to me. I am sure you know that she is not a mean person, she is the best there is and not because she smacks my bottom and keeps me in line or some stupid thing like that. No, because she is my love and she loves me and she is my support and life.

Now that I have said that, I can tell you about how mean she was yesterday. Felicia doesn't punish me when I am bad or anything, most often she smacks me because she wants to and sometimes to get my attention. Lately, however, she has begun to smack my bottom because she is annoyed with something I have done. It is not as bad as it sounds. It is more like she comes home and finds that I have forgotten something and she says she has to spank me for it. To be honest, it is more like a game and for a bit of fun.

Yesterday she asked me if I had watered the plants which I hadn't...of course. She said that this, of course, called for a severe punishment. Try to imagine a sweet red haired woman trying to stay serious when she says this.

Anyway, I went along and begged forgiveness and all that. Mind you, we don't roleplay and stuff like that, no naughty schoolgirls in our household and that sort of thing. But this was almost like a roleplay.

Felicia was merciless and soon I had got the dreaded bath brush and was preparing to kneel on the chair to get my bottom smacked. You can imagine that there is a kind of excitement in Miranda at this point. It is kind of fun but the bath brush is really scary too, so there is this mix of feelings.

Then Felicia turns to me and says: 'Oh, I think I'll have you take all your clothes off.' Yes, she said that. I think she became some kind of very strict headmistress or something at that moment. I had to giggle but my clothes came off.

For some reason, a bath brush looks far more menacing when you stand there stark naked looking at it. This didn't stop Felicia and soon she had ordered me up on the chair.

Anyone who has been there knows that this is a very special moment, a moment of excitement and dread and anticipation and tension.

What does she do, you think? The mean woman takes the bath brush, holds it out, puts it on my bottom, taps it a few times, as if to take aim. Then she removes it and says: 'I think I will let you off this time.'

I just gasped and stared at her. There I was, naked, kneeling, waiting for a spanking and she just lets me off the hook.

Of course my bottom was grateful but I was really disappointed, or what to call it. I couldn't believe it. In a way, this was more humiliating than if she had smacked me. Can't really explain why it felt like that.

But I have to admire her ingenuity.

And to let you know, I got a bedtime smacking with the hairbrush later so all wasn't lost.


jim said...

I think she has a fiendishly ingenious technique; it means you never know if you will get spanked, or she will get thanked for letting you off; it means an ambivalent hope is always involved: 1) hope that your bum will be left smarting 2) hope that it will get off scot free. The tension between those possibilities is deliciously erotic--no matter what Felicia chooses to do.

Anonymous said...
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Miranda said...

Dear Jim, ingenious is the word. I don't know what is worst actually, being spanked or not being spanked.



Mina said...

This is really quite good you know. I have often thought that the best punishment is not to punish at all. Take away that hurty but oh so delicious thing and they will be left aghast. All those emotions built up the tension, the anxiety, the desire all swept away without a glance. Ooh the pain.