Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Love Our Lurkers Day

Hello out there! I know you aren't that many but I know there are some lurkers out there. Why don't you come in and comment? You don't have to say anything special, just a simple hello will do.

But if you don't want to comment, I won't seek you out and spank you. Really spanking and blogging is fun so there is no pressure.

So, people out there, hello to you and a great big thank you for reading. It means a lot to me...and to Felicia and to Bananas. No, that last thing may have been wrong. Bananas, the cat, really cares only about food.

And don't forget to visit Bonnie, at My Bottom Smarts, after all she was the one who came up with this brilliant idea. Thank you Bonnie!


Anonymous said...

You are one of the few blogs I leave comments on. Your real life style of describing your relationship with your red haired stunner is so much fun to read.

Keep up the great work and let's start the next rac season early! Go Lewis Hamilton!

S. in Dallas

Mina said...

Dear Miranda

I both lurk and comment which means when I don't comment I lurk.

Happy LOL day; a kiss for you, a hug for Felicia and a treat for Bananas.


Anonymous said...

Found you blog today thanks to Bonnie. We'll be back for sure though!

Todd & Suzy

Greenwoman said...

Hello! Just thought I'd say blessings...

Hermione said...

Hi Miranda,

I visit your blog regularly. Keep up the great work.



Hi Miranda.


Serpent's Embrace said...


Happy LOL day! I hope you have enjoyed it so far. You have a wonderful way of brightening my day with your blog posts. Thank you!


Bonnie said...

Hi Miranda,

I'm not a lurker, but I did want to stop by and thank you for participating in our Love Our Lurkers day celebration!


Dr. Ken said...

Hi, Miranda! Happy LOL Day!

Dr. Ken,
Spanking Minnesota

Miranda said...

Dear S., I know and I am grateful for that...smiles. I am sure Mr Hamilton won't leave it so late next time.

Dear Mina, don't try that with me...giggles. You are not a lurker. Good to hear from you again. By the way, Bananas wonders what treat is in store for her.

Dear Todd and Suzy, brilliant, thanks, you are so welcome.

Dear Greenwoman, (what a lovely name), thanks and blessings to you too.

Dear Hemione, thanks for delurking, it is good to meet you.

Dear Prefectd, Hi...smiles.

Dear Marcus, thanks for those words. I like to brighten your day.

Dear Bonnie, thank you for all the encouragement and inspiration you are to me...and thanks for including me in the Love Our Lurkers Day.

Dear Dr. Ken, welcome to my blog. I can imagine what kind of remedies you prescribe.



Anonymous said...
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