Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Bonfire Night

Did you watch the Brasilian Grand Prix? I almost fell of my chair. It was almost too exciting. There were two things at stake, the race itself and the whole championship. And since both those things render the loser a spanking, one of us (Felicia and me) could face two spankings.

Lewis Hamilton needed to finish in p5 or better to wine regardless of what Felipe Massa did. The Brasilian was on his way to winning, putting pressure on the gorgeous Lewis Hamilton. Until the last few laps he managed to stay there (in fifth place) but was overtaken by the hotshot Vettel and thus on his way to losing the championship.

In that moment Felicia had a very mean smile on her face, enjoying the thought of giving her dear friend two spankings. But then, in the last corner, almost, Hamilton overtook Timo Glock and managed to snatch the fifth place in the last seconds of the race.

He didn't win the race which meant I was in for a spanking but he did win the whole championship meaning Felicia was in for a smacking. I insisted that the race spanking should go first.

Felicia agreed and soon after the race I was in her lap, knickers down receiving a good smacking with a hairbrush. It was really a very strange sensation. Felicia did her best to make me take notice but I was so chuffed that gorgeous Lewis Hamilton finally got his championship that I hardly felt the smacks.

Felicia is a very persistent woman and finally she got through to me and after a while I was squirming. She really made an effort and my bottom was really smarting when she was done. I kind of enjoyed the whole thing though, sharing the joy with my lovely red haired friend...chuckles.

The championship spanking had to wait till the next day. I really wanted to make something special of it. I had decided to use the hairbrush. Strange thing that it seemed even more menacing when I was holding it, planning to use it on Felicia's bottom than when she was brandishing it.

Miranda can be quite mean. Felicia knew she had to do as I pleased so I thought I should take the opportunity. I had planned it well. I sat down on the chair, the one she often use when smacking me and told her, not just to take down her knickers, but to strip off completely. She did raise her eyebrows but she complied.

When she was naked I told her to get the hairbrush. I was really doing it by the book. Not that I didn't enjoy the sight of her. She is really beautiful! And she knows how to move with dignity despite being stripped naked. I truly envy her. But it was a delightful sight watching her lovely body, all naked. Not that it is very unusual for me to see her naked but it was still very special seeing her move like that, being naked at my command.

She gave me the hairbrush and took her place in my lap. It was kind of weird to have her there, naked and all ready to be spanked. Anyway, I didn't let that stop me. I began smacking her.

She is a stubborn woman and she didn't say anything but I noticed a certain discomfort and after a while her very fair skin was turning pink. I felt a little awkward first but I smacked along and soon I started to enjoy it.

Felicia endured, even the final hail of harder smacks. She is stubborn and very brave, I have to say.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry race season is over! The "adventures" have been most enjoyable!

S. in Dallas

Mina said...

An excellent outcome and I am glad for you that Lewis won the entire championship. He is a handsome devil.


Anonymous said...

CMH: Well done Miranda and congratulations to you and to Mr Lewis Hamilton too. I am sure Hamilton is a Scottish name anyway. I saw KLSE last week and she gave me restitution for the superiority of Mark Weber over David Coulthard this year. We had a few grand prixes and the final table to account for so I had quite a sore bottom on Sunday when she went back to England.

Good luck in 2009, back to back for Mac! (Laren.)

Catherine Brown

Miranda said...

Dear S. in Dallas, I have had some moments too, and so does Felicia, but most of all my bottom...giggles.

Dear Mina, isn't he? And I am really chuffed we won...hooray!!

Dear Catherine, I am sorry to hear about the treatment of your bottom. But I am really pleased that Hamilton managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, or how the saying goes.