Thursday, 30 October 2008

500 Seconds

This is really, really silly. I know that. My blog had 50,000 hits the other day. I know it isn't much. Some pass that before lunch is being taken (spot the sporting reference here, if you can...chuckles). But for me it is a milestone.

Felicia thought it was a milestone too and a cause for celebration. Bananas just wanted food but she is like that. And celebration for Felicia often means a very special kind of celebration. Yes, you've guessed it: a spanking.

So, she came up with the brilliant idea of transforming the 50,000 hits to another kind of hits. A spank for each hit would be very much too much so she toyed with the idea of giving me one smack for every 100 hits. That is 500. That is really a lot.

I wasn't too keen so she thought about it and decided that each set of 100 hits should be transformed to one second of spanking Miranda. 500 seconds equals 8 minutes and 20 seconds.

To make it more memorable she took the hairbrush. So Miranda had to take her skirt off and pull down her knickers and position herself in the lap of her friend. The timer was set and smacking began.

8 minutes and 20 seconds can be a very long time when a determined woman smacks your bottom with a very hard hairbrush. It never ended and my bottom started to burn. Miranda was squealing and squirming but do you think that stopped Felicia? No, it certainly didn't.

At last, after an eternity the timer signalled the end to my ordeal and a very sore Miranda could pull up her knickers.

It all ended well. Felicia had bought me a very nice chocolate cake from the French Boulangerie. It was very nice and we had a slice each with tea. Actually, I had two slices. I was allowed. It is after all my blog and my bottom that was smacked.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I look forward to the next 50,000. Keep up the great work here!

S. in Dallas

Mina said...

Indeed 8 mins and 20 secs is a long time when faced with a hairbrush. I hope you weren't too sore but somehow doubt it.

Congratulations on reaching over 50,000, well done!


Miranda said...

Dear S., I am really very proud, not just for the number of hits but for enduring the spanking as well...chuckles.

Dear Mina, it is a long time, an eternity, as it seems...smiles, and I am sore.



Anonymous said...
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