Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Monday Spanking

Miranda was in for a spanking again. Lewis Hamilton had finished in tenth position...sigh. And you can bet that Felicia would make the most of that. There were really no extenuating circumstances, he had brought it on all by himself.

Thing is, Felicia was away until late Sunday evening so she postponed my spanking to Monday. How I have having to wait for a spanking! I should be used to this now but all Monday was kind of strange, me thinking of little else than my upcoming bottom warming.

To add to it all, Felicia was late home Monday evening so I had to spend some hours at home waiting. I don't know why I was so affected this time, but I was. I was even a little grumpy when she finally got home.

Anyway, we had dinner and then it was time. I had almost lost all desire for a spanking when it was time so this time it was almost for real. I was quite jittery as I took my place in her lap. In our house there is no smacking of clad bottoms so my knickers were already gone when she flipped up my skirt.

I have to give it to her that she was quite gentle in the beginning, sort of warming me up. But she used the hairbrush from the very beginning and that can sting. And you can both be kind and cruel with it and as time went by she geared towards being mean to me. After a while she was smacking away in earnest and Miranda's bottom was quite warm.

Miranda never pleads. She squeals and pants and growls and squeaks, but she never pleads or protests. So there I was, letting out tiny sounds of distress as Felicia smacked away at my bottom.

After an eternity when she thought that my bottom had the right shade of pink she stopped. I knew it was more red than pink because it was really smarting. Felicia was not done, however. She pointed out that Hamilton didn't even get a point and this called for some harder measures.

So Miranda had to strip off her clothes and kneel on the chair for some treatment with the bath brush. Ah, the dreaded bath brush! It really hurts. It took some determination for me to stay in place but after a while it was done and a very trembling Miranda had been smacked.

Felicia gave Miranda a very long and very good hug and Miranda felt again that she couldn't really be angry with her friend for smacking her bottom. It was rather something she liked.

I had to stay naked for the rest of the evening, though. It is something very annoying with red haired women leaning back in comfy armchairs staring at your very unclad body as you go by and smiling as if this is really the best entertainment possible.


wilhelmina said...

"In our house there is no smacking of clad bottoms so my knickers were already gone when she flipped up my skirt."

This is good to hear and I really like that statement. As well as the last paragraph which gave me a good laugh. "...the best entertainment possible." Felicia might be onto something there...grins.


Miranda said...

Dear Mina, Felicia can be very strict...chuckles, this is good for a scatterbrain, such as yours truly. Smiles.