Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Cure For Grumpiness?

Hello, this is Felicia writing, the mean redhead. Miranda has had the kindness to let me post something on her blog. She is very generous. Once she even thought it a good idea to have Bananas create a blogpost but her only contribution was to lie on the keyboard purring so it didn't really work out.

I know that Miranda talks about how mean I am to her, smacking her poor bottom and taking her clothes off and that sort of things. I don't mind that. It is nothing to how mean I feel when I do that.

Spanking Miranda is really a strange experience. It is lovely, no doubt about that. She has the sweetest and most delightful little bottom you could imagine and just looking at it makes me happy. Smacking it is such a privilege. I truly enjoy it.

But I know it hurts. I know it is painful, having me smack her. That is weird and it makes me feel mean. She trusts me with smacking her, giving her pain. That is something. That is such a precious gift. I can't really explain. It seems so terribly cruel to reward that trust with spanking her.

I know she likes it. We have been together long enough for me to know that. Still it is something bitter sweet, a combination of feeling mean and feeling happy. I am blessed with the privilege of smacking her sweet bottom and I never ever take that for granted.

Anyway, the other day she was grumpy or sad even. I think it is the winter, it gets to her. She is no longer her cheerful self and is generally quite miserable. Miranda is really the kindest and loveliest person anyone can imagine, silly, alright, and sloppy at times but you couldn't find a kinder and more affectionate person. I trust her with my life.

Generally, spanking is not a good idea when Miranda is in that mood. Really, you don't want to anger her. It doesn't happen very often but an irate Miranda is nothing you want to come across.

For some reason Miranda dared me to spank her. We had some tiny little argument about something. We weren't angry or anything, just discussing. For some reason I took her up on the challenge although I feared it was a bad idea.

I could sense how not in the mood she was for that but she complied and soon she was across my lap and I had the hairbrush in my hand. One thing followed another and I started to smack her. I have to admit I got a little carried away and soon she was squirming a little.

Then something happened. She cried out, almost in anger, and I stopped immediately. Then she sounded very angry when she told me to go on. I did and she endured her spanking.

I have to admit that I was a bit worried I had been too cruel to her and when she turned to me she was crying. We hugged and she cried on my shoulder. I know those tears. They are not angry tears, not even sad, they are the tears she cries when tensions go away, when she feels better.

Believe it or not, something happened that made her feel better. I don't think spanking is a remedy for winter blues but maybe she got something else to think about or something.

It was good to see her smile again, afterwards. And I did ask her permission to write about this. Winter gloom doesn't disappear with a spanking but it was something unusual that happened and I felt privileged to be in on it. Take care and be kind to each other!


S. in Dallas said...

It is always great to hear from the "other side". Sounds like she needed the stress relief! She is lucky to have someone in her life that can help when she needs/wants it!

S. in Dallas

Mina said...

Dear Miranda, hugs and I like to see you smiling again too.


Anonymous said...

I don't think it is necessarily the spanking itself that can cure grumpiness, though there is the endorphin effect and physical release, of course. It's the knowledge that someone who loves you is taking the action which makes you feel cared about. The fact that they know you well enough to do something which most people would consider the last thing you should do that situation! But because of who you both are, it works.

I think it says something nice about your relationship that you know and trust each other that well. A loving spanking can be just the cure me, I speak from experience. *vbg*

(But yes, the dreary weather can really play havoc with one's mood. Try to get some sun too, when you can. Go to France or Spain or something for the weekend during the winter. That's what I would do if I lived in England. ;)


Anonymous said...

its nice to hear from you ,the only thing i would like to comment on is ,and miranda is going to hate me for this ,i think there should be a little more public spankings for her or at least in front of her friends, sorry for this miranda but i think you deserve it xxx

Miranda said...

Dear S. in Dallas, Felicia is a great help, although I think she doesn't have to spank me to make me feel better...smiles.

Dear Mina, I do smile again. Hope you will be smiling a lot too.

Dear Alyx, I think you are right, that it is about being cared for and seen and that sort of thing that is most important. I so wish I could go to Spain in the Winter...sigh.

Dear Anonymous, so you want more public spankings for me? Hm, don't know what to say about that. Felicia was very happy when she read that. This is not good.

And I assume you have noticed that is is me, Miranda, who is replying to the comments.



Anonymous said...
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