Thursday, 18 December 2008


I so want it to be Summer again. I long for bare legs and skirts (I do wear skirts in the Winter too but no bare legs) and being outdoors. I tend to go on and on about that and our conversations tend to turn into talk about outdoors spankings.

I do fancy the idea and Felicia said she was more than happy to take me outdoors anytime and give me a good smacking. I told her I wasn't so keen in this weather. She pointed out that this time of year it is less likely to be people out on the walking path that is as close as we get to a secluded kind of wilderness around where we live.

I do have some experience of outdoor spankings. It is not much but not bad. It was this Summer and Felicia and I was walking on said path. She had found this switch she was swinging as we walked. This gave us both ideas.

Suddenly she stopped and told me to pull my knickers down. It came as some surprise, I can tell you, but I knew the reason for her saying this. I was about to say that anyone may come round the corner anytime when Felicia snapped: 'now!' She used that voice that means business.

Believe it or not, I took a firm grip on my knickers and pulled them down. I didn't let go, since I was terrified someone would come. Felicia took my skirt, lifted it and gave me three really hard lashes with the switch. It was over in two seconds or so. When I say hard I mean hard. I really had to bite my lip not to cry out.

She let go of my skirt and I pulled my knickers back up and everything was back to normal. At least on the surface. We did meet a couple walking towards us quite soon afterwards and I wonder what they were thinking. I don't think they heard anything, possible the sound of the switch. I didn't cry out or anything.

Felicia told me I was blushing and I was in shock for long time afterwards but in a way this was really, really exciting. I think, though, I would prefer to be sure no one will see me if I ever will get an outdoor spanking.

There is always a risk I will get one and sooner than I want. Felicia seems way too keen on taking me outdoors immediately.


Mina said...

I too love the idea of spanking al fresco. I shall have to try it sometime. Right after I find someone to spank that is!


Anonymous said...
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Miranda said...

Dear Mina, I am sure he will like it...but be a little kind and do it in the summer...smiles.

Hugs and Happy Christmas


Spanker_in_Asia said...

I love your stories, Miranda. Please keep them coming, by all means!

Anonymous said...

I was spanked at Stourhead once. *bg*

One drawback to the public venue was, because it's such a popular place, it had to be quick and not bare-bottom. One benefit was, because we couldn'"act on" the resultant arousal right away, I found out just how long one's bottom can retain the heat! Amazing. ;)


Miranda said...

Dear Spanker in Asia, thank you for your compliment and welcome to my blog. I will keep on writing.

Dear Alyx, not sure what is worst, really, the smarting bottom, the shock of almost being shamed in public or that itch...giggles.