Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Japanese Sharking

You know what it is? It is a Japanese pastime that means you sneak up on some unsuspecting girl and pull down her knickers. Now you can film this and post the film on the Web. As many other Japanese peculiarities, like Teriyaki, Seppuko and Buto, this has, of course spread to other parts of the world.

Some think this is fun but others are not so happy about it, especially those being sharked. I for one wouldn't be very happy having my bottom bared in public, filmed and then out on the Web. This is really quite abusive and I do hope that those films are staged.

Although Felicia and I share our objections to the sharking of innocent victims she is quite happy to do that to me. It happens, from time to time, that when I am busy with something, like putting something on the top shelf of a cupboard or something, she sneaks up from behind and pulls down my knickers. There is always the risk that I will drop that priceless crystal bowl I was putting away but most often I keep my cool.

I am an easy target since I am most often dressed in skirts. Jeans are not good for sharking, I can tell you.

Anyway, the other day, I was busy standing outside our flat unlocking the door when Felicia decided that this was a good moment for some sharking. I can tell you that it is not easy to protect yourself when you are holding a key that is in a lock and at the same time are balancing a bag or two.

Felicia thought it was hilarious and I really had a go at her, because she did it outside out door and what had happened had some of out neighbours watched? She told me that the thought had been on her mind and that she thought it would cheer up most of our neighbours to be allowed a glimpse of my bottom.

I was not quite happy with her view so I decided to take revenge. For this purpose the dreaded fish slice came in handy. She wasn't so keen so I had to chase her through the flat and I didn't catch up with her until we came to the bedroom.

Jeans are not good for sharking and neither when preparing a objecting victim for her well deserved spanking. So I had to settle for some good smacks on her clad bottom. I am quite sure I got her attention.

The downside with living with Felicia is that she is stronger than me. I am not called Tiny for nothing. She wasn't at all happy with her punishment. Instead she decided to deprive me of the fish slice and use it on me.

I objected, I can assure you I did. But soon I was held fast by Felicia and positioned in such a way that she could use the instrument on my poor bottom.

Skirts are better for sharking and far easier when preparing victims for smackings. It didn't take her long to get my knickers down so she could assault my very naked and exposed bottom.

The fish slice is mean. Felicia is very determined. This combination and the lack of knickers makes for a very painful combination.

But afterwards she applied some lotion to my smarting bottom and I found that, after all, it was worth it.