Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Racing Results

As you know, things has been a little upside down lately so there has been no racing spankings for a long time. As you may remember, Felicia and I have a bet, if Lewis Hamilton wins a F1 race I get to smack Felicia's bottom otherwise it is my bottom that gets smacked.

Anyway, since Silverstone there has been one Hamilton win and two losses and one undecided. Friday we negotiated what to do. Felicia insisted that I should spank her first so she had hers left.

You can't argue with that woman so she got her six of the best on Friday night. Although I knew I had mine left I did my best and it was quite fun. She squirmed. This means I least a little.

Mine were left until Saturday. Our bet is a little uneven. She is not restricted to six of the best so she could have me over her knee as long as she wanted. This means two rather long ones during Saturday.

She is quite good at doing that. Long spankings, keeping me just where I can endure it but still scared it will be too much.

If you have got a good one in the morning, the second one is quite special. A certain bottom was already quite sore.

So Saturday was an ordeal but at the same time it made me feel good. Like we were back on track and things were stable and good again.

I am still hoping for the stewards to hand the victory back to Lewis Hamilton in the Hungarian Grand Prix...sigh.


Anonymous said...

Good luck and welcome back!

S. in Dallas

Miranda said...

Dear S. thank you. I am slow but I am here.



Mina said...

Err, how is a race undecided? I thought you either win or you lose and what happened with the 'undecided' race.

Long spanking...does sound delicious.