Monday, 9 June 2008

Sad Day for McLaren

...and for Miranda. As you may know, the Canadian Grand Prix was held yesterday. Miranda had high hopes, since her hero, Lewis Hamilton was on pole. The start went well and everything looked fine for another win and another smacking of girlfriend's bottom. Then some incompetent driver parked his car in a very bad position and safety car was deployed. This is a sad story but Hamilton ended up in the back (his car, of course) of Räikkönen's and both driver had to retire.

You know what this means! No win for Hamilton means smacking of Miranda's bottom. Red haired girlfriend was eager to point out that Hamilton did not just not win but he caused himself not to win by his own mistake and at the same time ruining the chances of his main opponent.

Felicia thought that this called for an extra harsh smacking of Miranda's bottom. So, soon, I found myself in her lap, skirt up and knickers down and with her smacking away on my bottom equipped with the evil hairbrush.

She was kind enough to take it a little easy at first. It was not so bad in the beginning but then she started in earnest and she is very good at this, keeping me on the brink of feeling that I can't cope. That is a strange sensation because she keeps me there, sort of balancing and when I start to feel a little sure that I am able to cope she is there with some hard smacks.

Anyway, it was not done with that. She changed to the dreaded fish slice and she explained that this was for Hamilton causing all the mayhem. It was dreadful. The fish slice really packs a punch and I didn't cope, or perhaps I should say, I was overwhelmed. Felt a little heroic though for taking it for my hero...sigh.

Felicia was done after a while and said that she had been lenient (evil woman). She said that next time Hamilton acts this recklessly she will add the riding crop to the selection of tools.

Anyway, my poor bottom was rather hot and red when this was done so red haired girlfriend had to apply some soothing lotion. So, the evening wasn't that bad, after all.


Anonymous said...

KLSE: Hello Miranda. CMH is still away on her transformation to CMB so I thought I'd come to say hello. Yes a bad result for Lewis and for yourself, although Catherine will be happy with David beating Mark. This does not mean that Catherine will be beating Kirsten, but I shall make sure she is appropriately congratulated. I do hope things go better for you in France, Lewis has lots of ground, ten grid places to make up.

And then, there is Silverstone...

On the plus side the drivers' championship now has a Pole on pole!

Have a lovely week...I'm sure you're like me and the tights are a distant memory: hooray for summer legs and light dresses!

xxx (M,F,B)

wilhelmina said...

Hang on you mean Kimi was out too?


A gentle pat for your sore botty.


Dave said...

I know nothing about all this car racing business, tho NASCAR is now perhaps the biggest sport in America. Scary. Are you into NASCAR?

The only driver I like is, of course, Danica Patrick. :)


Miranda said...

Dear Kirsten, it doesn't look good for France but a girl is allowed to hope, isn't she? And yes, that is the upside with summer, even the English ones, that you don't have to wear tights...all the time...smiles. Say hello to CMB from and congrats and all that, please!

Dear Mina, that is true, Lewis managed to get Kimi out too. Some consolation for me...grins.

Dear Dave, I am not much into Nascar but I have heard it is big across the pond. I am sure there are many gorgeous drivers in Nascar too...smiles. And I have heard of Danica Patrick, one of the few female racing drivers, and she is quite good looking too.