Thursday, 25 September 2008

Blogging Fatigue

Hello there! Blogging doesn't come easy these days. I seem to be busy with other stuff all the time and can't think of what to put here. I have loved blogging but now it seems slow. Maybe I should be honest enough and say that I will not be able to blog as frequently as I have done. I will try to do it, on a regular basis but with longer time in between. I am sorry for this but that seems to be the only way.

So, what is there to report. Felicia is ok, Bananas is ok, she is well fed. I am ok. I had my bottom smacked for Italian Grand Prix and yesterday for the Hungarian one (Hamilton's appeal was denied). But who could live on racing spankings alone? Not Miranda, anyway.

Saturday was quite intense when it comes to smacking. Felicia told me she wanted to have fun with the fish slice. 'Fun?' I said. 'Fun!' she said. And so it was. Miranda found herself, knickers down, over the armrest of the armchair getting her bottom smacked. The fish slice really stings. And in the hands of an expert...ouch!

But then the strange thing happens. Miranda is happy. It stings and it hurts and her bottom is on fire but then, afterwards, she is kind of happy. That sense in her bottom, of heat and soreness, is really like a nice touch and she feels really happy being with a girl who knows how to handle a fish slice...and a girl like Miranda.

Take care, readers! I am sorry for being so slow.


jim said...

Bye, bye, Tina Miranda; it was really, really, lovely--for a while. x

Dave said...

Nothing wrong with taking a blog break for as long as you want.

All bloggers, whether spanking or not, get blog-burnout, including yours truly.....


Miranda said...

Jim, I am not going completely, just taking it easier.

Dave, I think I have to do that, take my time with it. And I understand if you feel that way, you have been very prolific.



Mina said...

Hugs Miranda, I understand how you feel. Blog when, how and if you want to there will always be people reading.