Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Resmacked Bottom

Hello! You write such nice things to me. I get tears in my eyes and all that. I have to tell you that I am ok. I am fine and Felicia and me are fine. It was just that for a while everything seemed so gloomy around me. A couple of friends are breaking up from long time relationships and we had to be there for them and that made me think. It scared me that this happened. I know, it is not rational. It happens all the time and we can't be sure of anything but it was still, kind of, upsetting.

It may seem like a silly thing to allow to get to you but I have been frustrated workwise too and Felicia is on about me getting a new job or studying instead.

And spanking has been no fun. It didn't work, was no fun and no excitment.

Things are changing. I am feeling better now. In fact, Felicia smacked my bottom yesterday and it was good. It was bad, of course, but it was good. You know what I mean.

She suddenly recalled that I am not allowed to cross my legs. We had both forgotten about this rule or task. But now she recalled it and caught me out with my feet crossed.

I know she just did it to cheer me up but there was no negotiating allowed so Miranda had to go over girlfriend's knee and get her bottom smacked.

And it was good. I liked it. I am improving.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Glad to hear everything is getting better and you are getting your bottom warmed again, as is proper. *bg*

I've had friends break up from long-time relationships; I've broken up from one's always painful for everyone involved, including friends. You didn't ask for advice, but I just wanted to say that support during that difficult time means a lot.

And remember that only the people IN the relationship can truly know everything that was involved. I've lost friends who decided they had to "choose sides," and I've kept friends who said, "We're friends to both of you, and even if you break up that doesn't change." My ex and I have evolved to a point where we're like family, and will always love each other. But I will never forget the "friends" who abandoned me during the break-up, and even though they want to be friends again the feeling will never be the same for me.


Miranda said...

Dear Alyx, I do my very best not to choose sides. I really want to be able to be friends with all of my old friends. Thank you for your comment, nice to see you again...smiles.



Anonymous said...

Dear Miranda

This is excellent news, the smacking of your bottom of course.

It is stressful when you see things around you breaking down and it can't help but affect you.

All I can say is things will get better, they always do.