Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Red Haired Gets Her Bottom Smacked

Did you watch the Chinese Grand Prix on telly? I did and Felicia did, even Bananas did. And you know what? Sweet Lewis Hamilton won. So red haired girlfriend had no other option than to offer her sweet bottom for a spanking. Six of the best is not much of a spanking but I tried to make the best of the situation.

Felicia had to take down her trousers and her knickers to receive her spanking and I had equipped myself with a hairbrush. She draped herself across my lap and it was time for smacking.

She has a very nice bottom. Girl's bottoms are really nice. When I sat there staring at this little wonder, I thought that those girls who prefer men lose out on this.

Felicia's bottom is very round quite fair and really soft without being too wobbly. It is a bottom made for spanking.

I proceeded with my task and smacked her. Since I could only give her six I thought that I should really put my heart into the ones I had.

I think Felicia thought I managed. She squirmed and jumped as I smacked her sweet bottom. I am generally a very kind person and don't really want to hurt her but this time I felt that I shouldn't hold back. I didn't.

It was fun. Felicia is of another opinion but a bet is a bet and she lost. Anyway, she took it well and didn't complain. She told me however that Hamilton will lose the next and last race of the season and then it will be her turn again.

I know he will win and I know he will win the whole championship and the bet says that if he does I get one occasion to spank her as much as I want. There is, of course, the slight risk that he will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, like last year and then it will be Miranda's bottom that will be very sore.

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Mina said...

Ooh I really hope Hamilton wins and then you get to indulge with Felicia as she has with you.

Good luck Miranda.