Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Smacking of Bottom

Well done, Lewis Hamilton! The Sunday before the last, he won the Monaco Grand Prix. And you know what that means! Yes, you are right, Mirandas gets to spank Felicia's bottom. Oh, glorious spanking. I truly enjoyed it. At least up to a point.

You know how I get spanked, skirt up (if not down and off) and knickers down and then smack, smack. So there was no escaping a bare bottom for Felicia. Six of the best it was and evil Miranda chose the fish slice.

So there she was, my lovely stunner, in my lap and with knickers down. She has a gorgeous bottom and I sat for a while staring at it. But then I thought it was time to get down to business. If you are free to smack for a some time you can start easily and then increase the strength but when you have only six of the best you have to make the most of them.

Thing is that Felicia finds it extremely embarrassing lying in my lap with knickers down. I have to say that that is only appropriate, it is supposed to be bad, isn't it? I am embarrassed too when I am in that situation but she has less experience of it. Anyway, I didn't let that stop me.

I will never be a really good spanker. When I gave her the first smack I almost jumped. It is, kind of, scary to smack someone and realise that it hurts. By the second I got over the worst and found that she could take it...*smiles wickedly.

I truly enjoyed three and four but then I started to feel sorry for her and sort of, almost regretted number five. I had to brace myself for the last one but it had to be a good one.

I have to say that she took it with grace. No complaining and no threatening to send Miranda shopping without knickers or waving of evil spanking implements in front of her eyes. No, Felicia smiled as I was done and admitted that it was only fair. She was sure she had the better deal anyway, since she was convinced that Hamilton will not win the majority of the races to come. I am afraid she is right.

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