Thursday, 30 August 2007

Weekend Spanking

Well, it was Sunday and Lewis Hamilton only managed a fifth place. It was very well done, regarding the circumstances but it did not save my bottom.

This time it was a very intimate and nice affair. Felicia's lap, skirt up, knickers down, some warming up with the hand and some spanks with the hairbrush. It was all very nice and not very horrible at all.

Then I realised how, really, weird I am. I wasn't very happy. Miranda was not a happy coney and I didn't realise what it was until later. I was disappointed. Imagine that! I was, really disappointed because my spanking had been so nice.

Really, a spanking should hurt. Isn't that the point? I should feel that I don't want it and when I am lying in her lap I should dread her and feel that I want her to stop.

I know that there are a lot of things going on when you are spanking and getting a spanking and sometimes you are upset and sometimes you are happy and aroused and all that. But you should not be disappointed.

Well, I told Felicia about it. Very kindly. She looked at me for a long time and then she smiled. She told me that this was not a big problem. She was sure she would be able to make me dread being spanked by her and she would take care to see to it that it would hurt next time.

I didn't like that smile on her face. I am afraid I am in for something special very soon. She didn't say when or how but I know she is planning something. If only stupid Miranda could keep her mouth shut.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Tiny Miranda and Her Bicycle

At last an image of Tiny Miranda from her holiday!! No, not really. I wish it were. I am not as cute as this girl and I am far from as daring as she is. Still she reminds me a little of me, the hair and the limited size of her bosom and such. And I am not as sexy as she is, far from it.

No, this is an image from a relatively new blog out there. It is called The Daisy Dukes Report. It is created by the unrelenting Dave who also is the creator of The Cherry Red Report (featured in this blog). The Daisy Dukes Report is not, as it happens, preoccupied with Dave's favourite subject – the spanking of girls' bottoms. It is centred around another of his interests, not completely disconnected from the former, namely girls' bottoms and is this case clad in shorts and other revealing clothes.

Go and read Dave's new blog while I gather the courage to tell you what happened on Sunday! Dave is a very prolific blogger and he is very good at finding images and create interesting reports. Another good thing I can say about Dave is that he reads my blog. Keep up the good work Dave! (And now I am thinking of the blogging...)

Thursday, 23 August 2007

The Phone

Naughty, Felicia. Naughty, naughty Felicia. I have nothing to say but that. This blog has very much turned out to be about the naughty life of Tiny Miranda, and especially about the times when her poor bottom changes colour. I don't know why I want to write about that aspect of life but perhaps it has to do with the fact that I feel a little strange about it. I have no intention of boring you with just my everyday life, feeding the cat, cursing the bicycle and cooking and such things. No, this blog is about the other stuff, the thing that is naughty.

I am going to tell you now what happened yesterday and how naughty Felicia was. Yes, this time it was Felicia who was the naughty one.

What happened was this: It was Wednesday, yesterday. That may not surprise you but Wednesday is my phone Mum day. Surely you knew that Miranda is a good girl who loves her parents all that. Furthermore can I tell you that her parents are not the kind to frown upon the fact that their daughter lives and loves another girl. They still find it a little strange but they adore Felicia. My mother often says that Felicia is a good girl that may bring some order into my life. My mother should be happy then, although she does not know exactly how Felicia creates this order.

We have the phone in our hallway. Not very practical given the fact that some of my phone conversations may be very long and the hallway is small and there is nowhere to sit (unless you want to perch yourself on a pile of shoes).

Anyway, there I was, standing by the phone talking to my dear Mum when I felt someone sneaking up behind me. That is what Bananas, the cat, usually does but this was something else. My suspicions fell on Felicia, naturally, and they were confirmed as I felt her soft arms embrace me from behind.

This is very sweet, don't you think? And when I tell you she nuzzled my neck and held me close, you will all envy me. This is all well in most circumstances but when you have your dear Mum on the phone it can be slightly distracting.

It got worse. You should not think that Felicia kept her hands in one place. Oh, no. Soon they started to wander off over my body and soon they found my bosom. I don't have much of a bosom but what I have was now fondled by Felicia's naughty hands. And when her hands found their way under my top and onto my tits directly I had a hard time sounding really calm and neutral.

Have you ever tried to hold a normal phone conversation with your mother as someone rolls your nipples between their fingers? It is not as easy as you may think. It got no easier as naughty, naughty Felicia slipped her naughty, naughty hands down my knickers. I will not give you a detailed description of what they did there but I can assure you that my calmness and cool was not easy to maintain.

But at the moment when Miranda started thinking that talking to her mother was not that important and wondered how it would be to do it perched on a pile of shoes, evil Felicia stopped. Instead she pulled down my knickers to my knees and walked away. Her gestures told me I was not supposed to pull them up so there I was, standing in the hallway, talking to my Mum, knickers around my knees and quite distracted.

Felicia went into the kitchen and returned after quite a while. Stupid, meek Miranda still had her knickers around her knees as Felicia started to remove my skirt. When she was done she went away again. Miranda was now thinking about how to get out of this situation, that is, end the phone conversation and kill her dear Felicia.

Felicia returned yet again and this time she pulled my top off. Just a little vexed (this is, of course an understatement) I had to help her and soon I had almost nothing on, except my knickers around my knees. And yes, I said the hallway. This meant that if someone should ring the doorbell there would be very little time for Miranda to escape before Felicia would answer the door.

I did end the phone conversation with my dear Mum and then I went into the kitchen to kill Felicia. I dropped my knickers on the way there. It is not easy to kill someone when they look at you and tell me how fabulous you are. I wasn't fabulous but very naked and we wouldn't be who we are if that would not inspire us to other things but I am not the kind of person to go into details about that. You have to use your imagination.

Monday, 20 August 2007

Humiliating Discussion

Someone wanted to hear the discussion I referred to in my last blog post. That is quite cheeky but perhaps I could shed some light on the subject.

There they were, my two red haired friends, Fiona and my beloved Felicia (red hair, named beginning with F, is there a pattern?), sitting at a table with me, talking about – me.

I don't mind being at the centre of attention but it was the way the spoke about me. As if I wasn't there or was a little child. At first they just talked about me. Felicia said something like, 'you know Miranda, she can't tear her eyes from Mr Rochester in that tv-series.'

UK people may have noticed that there was a BBC adaptation of Jane Eyre last autumn. I fell in love with it and bought the DVD. I can't explain it but the way Felicia said it made me feel like I was some maniac, a silly child that can't stop watching a silly film. Jane Eyre is not silly. It is my favourite book. And it is not Mr Rochester I am in love with but Jane. I am Jane. I have always identified with her. She is my kind of heroine, 'poor, obscure, plain and little' and all that. But with a warm and strong heart. And very stubborn. That is your Miranda.

Besides, Ruth Wilson, the actor playing Jane, is very cute.

As I was blushing about Felicia telling Fiona about all my soft spots they started discussing whether Miranda had behaved. Then I was really embarrassed. We were sitting in a public place (alright a chippy, but still) and someone might hear. As you may understand Felicia couldn't resist the temptation of telling Fiona about how sloppy and forgetful Miranda can be.

'I assume you punish her for it,' Fiona said. I remember the words clearly. I wanted to become invisible. I blushed as I do not usually blush. Then they started talking about how I am punished for being sloppy. As you know I am not often punished for anything, really, but how could anyone overhearing the conversation know that?

I don't think anyone heard but the thought was enough.

Then the discussion became rather technical, about a certain person's behind, how it should be prepared (exposed) and what kind of implements was proper to apply. It is, indeed, a very special sensation hearing two lovely red haired women discussing the best way to spank you, and doing it in a public place.

'The belt is softer but it makes a good impression.'

'Oh, I though wood was the best.'

'It depends on the weight, hairbrushes are good but heavier things are sometimes better.'

Of course I can't remember the exact words but it was things like that they said.

Nasty, evil, Felicia couldn't resist the obvious comment: 'On the bare, of course, always on the bare.'

Anyway, Miranda was so ashamed that she was not really herself and some tiny little disturbance may have made her into a killer or something. In the defence of my friends, I have to say that they actually took care to make sure that they were not overheard. Still I was, a little upset, to say the least.

The worst thing was that Tiny Naughty Miranda sat there, red with shame and felt a little excited. The thought of going home and actually experiencing something of what they talked about made her feel quite strange and have thoughts not really suitable for a cheap chippy.

That is that and now I will direct my thoughts in another direction.

Thursday, 16 August 2007


Funny how things you experienced in your childhood, and found very humiliating and horrible, when repeated in a new context become something different. I am thinking of something that happened yesterday and still is on my mind.

Anyway, it started with a phone call from Fiona, our dearest friend, who happened to be in town yesterday. But just for the day, sigh. We decided to have lunch, the three of us and so we had. It was lovely to see beautiful Fiona. Yes, I will admit, that I used to have a real crush on her and to be perfectly honest we snogged once at a party (I was a little tipsy, as they say). Felicia knows all about it and laughs about it (she has snogged her too).

As we sat there having lunch Fiona asked Felicia about me. I know she wanted to tease me a little but all of a sudden it felt like I was sitting with my mum and her friends and I was just a little girl and they were talking about me over my head. You have all been there. You know how angry and humiliated you are.

Felicia entered into the spirit of it and soon those two, lovely, red haired women sat there talking about me while I was sitting beside them. They completely ignored me and Felicia told Fiona about how I behaved and what I used to do and say. I felt really humiliated and almost protested.

They even talked about how bad and naughty Tiny Miranda sometimes could be and Fiona even asked what punishment I got. Felicia eagerly obliged her and told of how she spanks me. If you have read my blog you know that Fiona knows everything about our relationship and has even participated in the tanning of poor Miranda's bottom.

They continued discussing how best to discipline me and how different implements could be used on my poor, poor and, of course, exposed backside. I don't know why I didn't just leave but silly me just sat there listening.

Then it struck me that in that sense of humiliation, which I recognised from my childhood (not that I was spanked in my childhood but being talked about was enough to make me feel bad), there was a new sense, a grown up sense. I realised that I actually let them do it. I sat there and let them talk about me and letting them talk about me was my way of showing how devoted I am to Felicia. And the humiliation I felt was not just degrading but also, quite, exciting.

As we left Fiona at the train and we walked back together, Felicia and me, I told her that I was almost sorry that Fiona couldn't come back to our place and see how Felicia did it, disciplined me.

Sometimes Felicia can be a little smug and a little superior when she feels I am childish and admit it. Now she had that smile on her face that otherwise infuriates me but this time there was a kind of recognition in it, as if she saw that I had realised something important. I felt proud then.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007


Did I just post a blog entry where I said I enjoyed being spanked? I regret that now. I can tell you what a very fierce, red haired woman can achieve with some determination, persistence and some cruelty...and a hairbrush. I had a Hamilton spanking coming (see above, it is the same as a Formula 1 spanking, if you hadn't figured that out already) and Sunday was a day suitable for it, at least according to Felicia.

'I have something for you, Miranda,' was the word I heard as I saw Felicia standing in the doorway with my hairbrush in her hand. The smile on her face was, to say the least, menacing.

I have learned that it is no use in arguing with a smiling red haired woman with a hairbrush in her hand. Miranda is a very unassuming and gentle girl so she didn't even try to say anything against it. Instead she soon found herself in Felicia's lap, skirt up and knickers down.

Ouch, is everything I have to say about what followed. And ouch again. The sense of the hard slaps of a hairbrush against your naked and unprotected backside feels very different if they are preceded by some gentle warm up or not. The fearsome red haired woman had decided that Miranda didn't need any warm up this time.

Well, after all, it was a bet and losing it ought to be...something bad. And bad it was. My hairbrush can sting like...well, hell. And it did. Felicia smacked along quite happily as yours truly squirmed and cried in agony. I know I will not get any sympathy from my readers. I know you like to hear about my agony.

Anyway, a well spanked Miranda was lying on her belly whilst watching tv that evening. Some time after my ordeal I began to see the fun in it. Fun may not be the right word but with my head in Felicia's lap and Bananas in front of me things took on a rosier colour, generally.

And when I think of it, I kind of like it when she surprises me a little.

Friday, 10 August 2007

Back in Business

As I told you in my last post I had two Formula 1 spankings still left (in case you have no idea what a Formula 1 spanking is, go back and read my entries about racing and Lewis Hamilton and you will be able to make an educated guess!). Yesterday it was time for one of them. It had been a long time since my last one ( a quickie during is good to be back home and alone) so I, sort of, looked forward to it. There is more to this than it seems. Looking forward to a spanking is not entirely straight forward. So, of course, there were some butterflies in my stomach as I placed myself in Felicia's lap. I like it in her lap. I like being close to her. It was going to be the hairbrush this time. You know, hairbrushes can be quite mean.

The strange thing with this spanking was that I enjoyed it. It may seem like something strange to say by someone who is living in a relationship where spanking is an important ingredient. Mixed feelings is a short way of saying what I am thinking of. Spankings are supposed to be bad and they are bad but that is what is good with them. Alright, this blog post is not about mixed feelings so I will not talk more about that but I think you know what I mean.

Felicia was kind this time and started softly and I usually think that stage of it is rather nice. A nice warmth spreading, just enough force and all that. Then comes a stage when it begins to hurt and depending on her mood that stage can be bad, worse or even worse. The strange thing was that even if I felt that it hurt this time I enjoyed it. This was really weird. I think she was kinder to me than usual but she was spanking me for real. I went with the sensation and I actually enjoyed it

Ok, it was not entirely roses and happiness. As it happened, Bananas came in to the room and made her presence known. This made Felicia stop for a while. Then she said that she ought to give me some smacks from Bananas because I had abandoned her during holiday. She gave me about half a dozen with the brush but those ones really hurt...ouch!! Felicia was happy and Bananas was happy. Still it wasn't fair. Felicia had abandoned the cat as much as I had.

Anyway, that really didn't remove the blissful sensation of actually enjoying a spanking. The warmth in my bottom inspired me to express some of my affections for Felicia and one thing led to another and the evening was a very pleasant one on the whole.

I told Felicia about this new experience and her reaction was, of course, to think that she had not continued long enough or maybe used the wrong implement. She can me mean but, to be honest with you, this is something I love her for.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Miranda is Back!!

Holidays are great. The worst thing about a holiday is that it has to end. Back to normal, work and a lot of boring things. One downside with going everywhere and visiting everyone (like we did) is that there is (almost) no computers and time for blogging and almost no time for indulging in certain things you enjoy. I know you know what I mean.

The cat (Bananas) is still grumpy and I am sure she would be happy spanking the living daylight out of both Felicia and me for leaving her with the neighbour. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the neighbour but Bananas doesn't like changes.

And there are some good news. My new favourite, Lewis Hamilton, is back on track and winning again. This means, as you know, six of the best for Felicia. I am, really, a switch when it comes to this. Three consecutive races without Hamilton winning means three...ouch...spankings for Miranda, though. Felicia volunteered to exchange one of them for hers but Miranda stood firm. I will rather have her whack my poor bottom three times than not getting to whack hers. Well, as it turned out, I am still waiting for two of them but Felicia got hers directly after the race. Spanking is fun!!

It is good to be back, in many ways, and I hope you are still there reading my confused scribblings.