Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Running in the Park

Sometimes I wonder if this spanking business is about showing off, a way for shy girls like me to get all the attention without having to say we want it. Of course it isn't just about showing off, but I believe, sometimes, that it is part of it.

For example, where I live there is a big park. We often take a stroll in that park and I use to go for a run there at times. Sometimes there is a lot of football being played in that park and there are a lot of goalposts all over the place. Thing is that whenever I pass one of those goalposts I get very weird fantasies.

In my fantasy I see someone, preferably me, tied to one of those goalposts, you know, if you tie the ropes to the crossbar so you have to stand with your arms spread out, so you look like a big Y. Then, you have guessed it, there is a mean person with a whip. To add to it all there is a lot of people watching (the showing off bit?).

This fantasy gets its edge from the thought that it is ordinary people, like the ones you see walking their dogs in the park and annoying teenagers and all that. They are all there to see me being whipped. And, yes, of course I have no clothes on.

So much for showing off. Today I was out running in the park. Bad idea, it was cold, really freezing. It didn't seem like spring at all. You know how your brain can be. I couldn't help thinking about those goalposts and the thought of being tied there, in the buff, in the cold wind really made me shiver inside.

The weird thing was that I thought it was quite intriguing. I won't say that the thought was exciting, few things turn me off more than being cold, but there was definitely something about this thought of being naked in the cold and watched by all and everyone that made me blush a little.

That's really everything I had to write about today. I have told you, I am a very boring person, really. Take care!

Monday, 8 March 2010


Felicia, the love of my life, is one of those who really can look glamorous if she wants to. I find her irresistible all the time but in addition she has that ability to put on something, like a stylish dress or something, that makes her look fabulous. Otherwise she is the kind who wears jeans and a simple top, like a t-shirt, at least at home.

My point here is that she is always wearing jeans at home. I know there is a reason for that. She wants to feel safe and deny me the possibility for revenge. I on the other hand am often dressed in skirt, or if I am wearing trousers they are pyjama or track suit bottoms. I can understand if you are not quite aware of where this blogpost is leading, yet.

What my clothes have in common is that they are easy to pull down. Felicia's clothes are not like that. The former fact in combination with mean and resourceful girlfriend creates embarrassing situations for a certain Miranda.

She really has a knack for this. Being in the same room as Felicia and doing something stupid like reaching for a book high in a book shelf or bending over to get something from the floor is a bad idea. I am an irresistible temptation for her and when she acts she acts swiftly and with great skill.

I don't know how she does it but in a fraction of a second she has reached out, taken a hold of my bottoms or my knickers, and down they go. If you have something in your hands, like a flower pot or a wok there is nothing much you can do.

She finds this very funny. She thinks the expression on my face when I stand there with my clothes around my knees is something that makes it worth the effort, many times over.

I can't do the same to her, jeans are much harder to pull down. But sometimes I try to take my revenge. I chase her through the flat and when I catch up with her she gets a well deserved spanking.

At least in theory. Sometimes I manage to get her jeans down and she gets in on the bare, as it should be, but that is only if she thinks I deserve revenge. Felicia is stronger than me and if she doesn't want to be spanked, it sometimes happens that I am the one who gets my bottom warmed.

It is all very unfair and very mean. Whatever happens, it is good exercise, you should try it yourselves, sometime.