Monday, 11 January 2010

Brand Spanking New Year

Spankos are weird people, I guess you knew that already. It is strange how you can be all normal one moment and the next you do things that you would be reluctant to show other people.

Anyway, lovely Fiona and Kate came visit for New Year. You know, Christmas, family, New Year, friends. It is great to have good friends over for an occasion like that.

It didn't happen immediately but sooner than you may have expected. We were sitting there talking about this and that, you know, as you do. I think that Kate and Fiona has started to meet up for a bit of mutual bottom smacking. That is good, lacking properly introduced partners and all that. Anyway, it turned out that Fiona had bought Kate a kind of bottom smacking thingy for Christmas. It was some kind of leathery thing with a handle, rather heavy. Not a pervertible but a proper spanking thingy.

It was now it happened. Felicia gladly told our friends: 'You can try it on Miranda.' Very typical her, not consulting me...sigh. I am prudish, you know that, and showing my bared posterior to all and everyone is not something that comes easy to me. But it is a little like swimming outdoors, it is much worse before you take the plunge. When you are lying there, no skirt, no knickers, it is not as bad as before, when you know you are about to. Having an audience certainly makes it more intense, though, that's for sure.

Felicia warmed me up with some hairbrush smacking and soon it was time for the new thingy. Kate got to try it on my poor bottom and I can tell you it was quite heavy. Fiona explained that although she was happy seeing Kate use it on me, she gave it to Kate so that she could use it herself. Felicia suggested, then, that Fiona should have a go as well.

Fiona is a strong woman. I knew that before but she only confirmed it.

Then they became all enthusiastic and started suggesting different thingies they could try on me. They went through most of our collection and some experimental, as well. I can tell you that a rolled up newspaper was a disappointment, for all parties involved, while some books actually can be quite useful, but only if nothing else is available.

It was kind of surreal to listen to their conversation.

'I think you should stand up, you'll get a better swing.'

'Try smacking the same spot many times over.'

'This you can use on the thighs.'

'She looks funny when she jumps.'

'I wonder how hard I can hit with this.'

'Nasty mark, she will be sore.'

I was sore the day after. Girls in a group can be such nasty beings. They urge each other on and find it quite hilarious to smack someone's poor bottom...sigh.

Truth to be told, I am quite vain and I do like the attention. On the whole we had a good evening, although I wasn't so keen on sitting down, afterwards.