Friday, 4 June 2010


As many spankos I tend to be a little preoccupied with the tools, liking some better than others and so. Yesterday my dear Felicia showed me an example of how I should think less of what I am spanked with and more of how it is done.

The hairbrush is a favourite of ours, it really is. It gives the right amount of pain and it is not too heavy, not too light. Felicia showed me, however, what a vicious thing it can be.

If someone you love takes you over her knee and pulls your knickers in order to spank you, it is something that can be quite that very special spanko way, that mix of dread and pain and excitement. You know what I mean.

That happened yesterday and since redhaired woman was holding the hairbrush in her hand I thought of knew what was going to happen. She, on the other hand, had something different in mind. She wanted to surprise me.

If you use a hairbrush on someone's bared bottom and you apply it quickly and hard and keep on for a while even the nice hairbrush becomes really grim.

Don't think badly of fierce ginger woman. She did surprise me, though. It hurt and I was a little shocked but it was more like: 'blimey...ouch...that hurt...mean woman...didn't know you could do that with a hairbrush' sort of thing. And she didn't spank me that long, it was just that it felt like a long time while she smacked me. It left me with a rather warm and cosy warmth in my bottom and we did have a lovely evening afterwards.

Spanking is for fun and sometimes a little surprise can make it even more fun.

By the way, the removed comment issue is all sorted now. Thank you for being so understanding. Maybe I won't get a spanking for it then...


Anonymous said...

What a shame! I thought you deserved a spanking for sorting it all out!


Mina said...

Dearest Tiny One, it has been too long and I popped in to see if you and Felicia and indeed Bananas were all well.

I see you are and, it seems, as happy and satisfied as ever.

I do like 'fierce ginger woman', imagery I can almost taste.


Anonymous said...

So pleased that you felt the sting of the hairbrush on your little bum, Miranda. I think that I've suggested before that Felicia should upend you, pull your knickers down and attend to your naughty bottom more frequently!


Unknown said...
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Miranda said...

Dear Jim,...maybe I will...

Dear Mina, good to have you back. We are all well and I hope you are too. Welcome back!

Dear Aristotle, I have to admit that I agree with you, but she is a very busy woman and doesn't always have time to attend to certain matters of importance.

Don't worry, it was a commercial comment, not anyone being rude...or nice, being removed anyway.