Friday, 18 June 2010

F1 Racing and Its Consequences

We, that is Felicia, cat and me, sat down to watch the Canadian Grand Prix, this Sunday and to my great delight, I was treated to another Hamilton win. Now he has won two consecutive races and is at the top of the leader board. This causes for celebration. And who would suggest the form of those celebration but red haired and very proud woman?

I don't know what she was thinking but she frankly declared that although we didn't have any bets on the races this year, she thought it only right and proper that I would get to celebrate my hero winning by giving her a sound smacking.

Miranda is not a girl to miss such an opportunity. When I had made sure she wasn't just teasing me, I rushed off to get the hairbrush. Felicia had the smile on her face of someone who knows they are doing something good, like giving sweets to children or giving something to charity.

I wasn't seduced by her saintly smile and ordered her promptly to remove trousers and knickers.

'No, not on the bare!' she gasped and made big eyes.

'Oh, yes, young lady, on the bare,' I replied with my deepest voice.

Despite silliness, red haired woman's trousers and knickers came off and soon she was lying in my lap and I was having a go at her bottom.

It is hard to smack such a lovely bottom. When I told her, she said she had no understanding at all for my sentiment. I replied with a hard whack with the brush.

'Ha, that will shut her up,' I thought.

'That's not a spanking, you meekness personified,' she said.

I replied with an even harder smack.

I got into it and despite Felicia's attempts of not taking it seriously, I think she felt it too. She seemed more focussed after a while and I felt better.

'Making an impression?' I thought but didn't say out loud.

It is fun spanking a woman like her. I can, sort of, understand why she does it. I am not an expert, but a happy amateur, but I did get something of the buzz, I think.

Anyway, I smacked her as good as I was able and her lovely bottom turned pink. Since Mr Hamilton had won two races in a row, I thought it only proper to continue with the spanking a little longer.

Everything has to come to an end and even great things like spanking a red haired woman have to. She looked at me in a very strange way when she emerged from my lap and before she even had time to pull her knickers up she kissed me. That was very nice. One thing led to another but that is another story.

I have something I have to let you know, before I stop writing this post. For various reasons – like relatives and friends and being away from home and that sort of thing – I will not be blogging for a while. I will be back in August, for sure, so come back then and perhaps I will have a story or two to tell you about the summer, we'll see. Take care and have a lovely time, Lovely Readers!


Dorphin said...

Have a nice summer!

Labradog said...

We'll miss you, but enjoy reading your old posts while we wait patiently for your return -- have a good time!

Hermione said...

It must be fun to turn the tables once in a while.

Have a happy summer!


Alyx said...

That was a lovely post, and I hope you enjoy your time off! Take care of Bananas and each other, and we look forward to August when you get back.

(Hopefully I'll have another story up by the time you return. *g*)

Miranda said...

Dear Dorphin, I had, thank you...:-)

Dear Labradog, you too, and hope you found something of interest.

Dear Hermione, indeed, it is, although you really prefer it in a certain way...

Dear Alyx, thank you, holiday was good, hope you had a good time as well.