Friday, 7 May 2010

Welcome to Reality

Warning, this is a completely spanking free blogpost, so if this will make you disappointed you may stop reading now. What I wanted to say was only that we have had a general election here in the United Kingdom which resulted in a balanced or hung parliament.

This fact is taken as a disaster by many, that not one party have a proper majority of MPs. They are upset that now the parties may have to negotiate and form coalitions. To this I only want to say: 'welcome to reality'.

It is the common way in many democracies, that not one party gains majority, that parties have to compromise and negotiate. It is only in strange systems, as those in UK and USA, where the number of MPs, or similar, isn't proportional to the number of votes, this doesn't happen all the time.

No, I am not turning political and this blog will definitely not be a political blog. Just wanted to say this.

Anyway, this calls for the telling of a joke (mind you, a phonological joke, not a racist joke). It goes like this:

A British politician travels to the Far East and is treated to a fancy dinner where she has to politely converse with her host. She tries to show her interest in the political system.

'How often do you have elections?'

The man, by her side, looks confused and a little embarrassed. Then his face opens up in a big smile.

'Evely molning.'

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Anonymous said...

Two sharks jogging through the desert. One turns to the other and says: 'Can I be in the middle next time?'