Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Slip of the Tongue

Did you watch the Spanish Grand Prix, this weekend? We did. I can only congratulate Mark Webber for winning but before he did, something extraordinary happened.

Lewis Hamilton was set to take second place and all was going smoothly. That is, until the penultimate lap. Can you believe it, he had a puncture. I was in shock.

When I am like that, I tend to say stupid things. What I said was something along the lines of 'Nooooo...I can't believe it....spank me...this can't be true....aaaarrrgghhh!!'

Someone very red haired in close proximity picked up on a tiny part of my ramblings. 'That can be arranged,' she said and I swear, she had a very content smile on her face.

She wasn't in her cruel mood, no she was smiling and said she was happy to oblige. She had me get the hairbrush and soon I was across her lap, skirt up and knickers down.

All right, it wasn't too bad. The hairbrush is not too painful, I kind of like the hairbrush. I hadn't expected it but when it happened I could, sort of, enjoy that warm feeling I always get in my bottom after a spanking.


Anonymous said...

What a cute image of you upended over Felicia's knee :)

How wonderful that Felicia found a good reason to put you over her knee, lift your skirt, pull your knickers down and apply the hairbrush to your deserving bottom!

It's always such a pleasure to read about Felicia dealing with your little bum....BTW how little is it really?


Anonymous said...

Miranda you are a polite young girl who shares her spanks with us love your blog ,love and spanks from tim xxx