Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Apologies Where Apologies Are Due

Just a short one. I just wanted to set something straight. During the last couple of days I have been involved in an email conversation with someone who calls themselves Jim. This conversation started out friendly but has become increasingly abusive. I won't say more than this about it. And I am not going to apologise for what I said during this conversation, far from it.

What I wanted to say was that almost at the same time as one of those emails arrived in my inbox a comment appeared on my blog. This comment was perfectly friendly (given the nature of my blog suggestions to my red haired friend to make my spankings more painful may be seen as friendly...grins!). But it was signed by someone who called themselves Jim.

I assumed it was the same person, the one writing emails, so in my annoyance I removed it. Thing is, I am not completely sure, any more. So – this is what I wanted to say, really – if there is a perfectly decent person leaving comments on my blog calling yourself Jim and you are not identical to the one with the nasty emails, I wish to sincerely apologise to you. I am really sorry I removed your comment.


Anonymous said...

I don't at all mind you deleting my comment, Miranda. But I am an entirely different "jim" to the one who upset you. I would prefer to use my actual name when posting here; but you know what problems than can cause, I'm sure.

Love & xxx


Miranda said...

I am so glad you saw my blogpost and I am truly sorry. Silly what things you do when you are angry. I am glad you don't feel too bad about it. I fully respect your wish to stay hidden.



Hermione said...

When pseudonyms collide!

Miranda, it was so good of you to write this post and unravel the jim-mystery.

i think the jim who commented here has more class than the jim who emailed you, so perhaps he should be known as james.


S. in Dallas said...

All that being said, it is you blog and you have the right to publish or remove items at your will. You have a great blog and I love to read it. Keep up the outstanding work!

S. in Dallas

Miranda said...

Dear Hermione, well put, I would say. And I agree, I like the Jim who gets his comments removed but don't care so much about the other...smiles.

Dear S. in Dallas, yes, you are right but I do think I owe Jim an apology.

If you have checked in here, you may have noticed I removed a couple of comments...again...but those were more or less commercial.