Friday, 23 April 2010

You Know What This Means?

Right, it's not been much action on this blog including Miranda's bottom, lately. I do not count the last fantasies and stories as action...smiles. Anyway, the main reason is that said bottom has been quite left alone for a while.

That was until yesterday. It was in the evening, I had cooked for my beloved Felicia and fed the greedy cat. It is usually I who cook, not because I am some domestic slave or anything, it has more to do with health and safety. I will say no more.

Anyway, I was washing the dishes afterwards and was just done when a certain red haired woman came into the kitchen, holding a tea mug in her hand.

'Look what I found.'

'A tea mug...?'

'Shouldn't you have washed it?'

'I can do it next time.'

'I really think this is sloppy.'

If you don't know us, this may not sound weird but to me the conversation had taken on a slightly surreal tone.

'You know what this means?' she said and smiled a very evil smile.

I will remind you of the fact that we don't do the 'have you been a naughty girl' and any kind of 'discipline' or 'bettering of ones character' and that sort of thing. Spanking is for fun, full stop.

Yet I felt a strange kind of thrill when she said that. I knew what she meant. It was, kind of, silly, but I had to play along.

'It's just a tea mug.'

'Don't argue, go and get the hairbrush.'

I got her the brush. She had already placed the chair so she could sit down on it. I was wearing shorts in some sort of hope that the right dress would bring the right weather. Soon enough it was down shorts, down knickers and across redhead's lap.

Despite the silly pretext I had longed for it. Sometimes I really enjoy that sense of dread that comes with taking your clothes down and laying yourself down to get your bottom smacked.

Felicia is good with the hairbrush. In a way she was in a good mood, kept it on an acceptable level. It was stinging and demanding focus but not unbearable.

She is evil, you know that, don't you? She kept on until it became a little too painful, a little of 'I have had enough of this, now'. Then she stopped. But she wasn't done. No, she ordered me to remove shorts and knickers and climb the chair, while she got the belt.

'Oh, Miranda, your bottom is already red, almost a pity to use the belt on it.'

Not that it stopped her. No, the belt was there and it had to be used.

I don't know if the belt is really that bad, but the sound is very, how should I put it, terrifying. It has the right 'swish' and the right 'whack' to make an impression.

I was quite sore when she was done, and all for a silly tea mug. She even had me stand in the corner, bottom turned towards her, so she could see it while watching telly.

They say that variation spices up your sexlife, maybe that is true for your spanking life too. It is hard, though, to take this kind of thing seriously when you are giggling all the time. Not that hairbrushes and belts are not serious enough but what I meant was the silly pretext.


Anonymous said...

Well just as you were going to sit down in a comfortable chair after dinner, with a 'Mills and Boon'
racy Romance! The volcanic fires and the fires from your Fantasy adventures were behind you(Oops!)Felicia comes up with a pricless
excuse to spank you! With the description of why you do the cooking I thought her reason was really amusing!So it is good to see everyting is back to normal -even your BTM is sore again! KD

Anonymous said...

I'm always pleased to hear that Felicia has put you over her knee with your knickers down and given you a good smacked bottom. IMHO she doesn't do it often enough! It's so important that you are constantly reminded what bottoms are for if not for sitting on.

Take care.


Miranda said...

Dear KD, so that is what you think of me, indulging in racy Mills and Boon? Could happen, but to be honest, haven't read that many of those. Nothing wrong with them, though.

Dear Aristotle, I know that Felicia shares your sentiment, sometimes I agree with it bottom wants attention.