Thursday, 29 April 2010

This and That

This will be a very short blogpost. Yes, Miranda is sloppy and lazy and she really deserves both this and that. Anyway, I don't have time to write much, just wanted to share this little thing with you.

Felicia is a busy woman, you know that, by now. Yesterday she took her time, though, to enjoy herself with the cheese board. You know what I think about the cheese board. It is way too hard and way too heavy to be really delightful. Felicia thinks this is good. 'It really packs a punch' as she so sweetly puts it.

Not that I dislike the cheese board, I love it, in my own way, but there is a bit of mixed feelings, that is very true. This time, I was leaning towards the 'no it is a tad too much' side of it all and when she took it out I began to negotiate with her.

She would have nothing of it. I got a choice between the armrest of the sofa and kneeling on a chair, but the removing of skirt and taking down of knickers were not negotiable. 'It has to be on the bare,' she said. 'Why?' I asked. 'Because,' she said. And that was that.

I negotiated a nice big pillow for the armrest so I went for that. Otherwise it is very uncomfortable. The price was no top and skirt and knickers completely removed.

Soon a very naked Miranda was placed on the armrest of the sofa, waiting for the cheese board to descend on her bottom.

I got twelve. It hurt and my bottom was really red afterwards, and had that kind of tingling sensation that sometimes comes after a good hiding, almost like a numbness but a numbness that is sharp, if you see what I mean...or rather feel.

Felicia was in a really good mood and I felt, kind of, relieved when it was over. It is strange how almost euphoric you can be after a spanking.

Right, an euphoric, newly spanked and very naked Miranda and a quite cheerful red haired woman with a cheese board in her hand. That can only end in one way.

No, not more spanking. I was thinking of something far sweeter than that.


Anonymous said...

The sting of spanking makes the honey's sweetness. Oh sex where is thy sting?



Anonymous said...

I will evermore look at cheese boards, Miranda, with a new delight after hearing about Felicia's latest chastisement of your naughty bottom. By your own admission, your bottom needs attention and you are lucky to have Felicia around to deal with it in a proper manner. The image of you bending naked over the arm of the sofa whilst the board turned your little bum very red and very sore is a real delight :)

Best wishes to you both.


Anonymous said...

miranda you have a lovely blog ,reading about your spankings with Felicity is great ,love and spanks fromtim xxxx

Miranda said...

Dear Jim, you are on to something, there...smiles.

Dear Aristotle, I am glad I can be of service. Or rather my bottom.

Dear Tim, thank you, I am glad to hear that...and welcome.



Curly's Girls said...

I can honestly say I will never look at a cheeseboard in the same way. What a sexy little post!