Thursday, 25 February 2010

Good Morning

Yesterday morning, Felicia had to leave early. Something about her tutor going to some conference and had to plan an early meeting. Anyway, Felicia was up early and I was still in bed, feeling very sleepy.

She was kind enough to bring me tea and toast in bed. She can be a very lovely girl, sometimes. As I sat there in bed, propped up on my pillows drinking my tea, Felicia was rummaging around preparing to go to her meeting. I was just sitting there, happy I still had some time to stay in bed.

Just before she was to leave she came into the bedroom.

'I have neglected you, lately,' she said.

'I know you are busy,' I replied.

'I want to make it up to you.'

'Plenty of time for that, after your viva.

'I want to begin now.'


'I have something for you.'

Since I am writing it here you all know what it was, don't you? It wasn't as obvious for me, there and then, still sleepy, sipping my tea.

What Felicia had brought was our bath brush (again!).

'I thought I would give you something to make you think of me, during the day.'

Since Miranda sleeps in the buff there was no need for the removal of unnecessary clothes. It was just a matter of arranging some pillows so her bottom would be in the right position, in the right angle.

It was something of a shock to go from being under the duvet, all warm and sleepy, to lying on the bed, all exposed. And the bath brush is fierce. Already after the first whack, I didn't feel sleepy any more.

'Ever heard of warm-up,' I said after Felicia had delivered half a dozen stinging smacks to my behind.

'This is the warm-up. This, my love, is the real thing.'

She gave me a really hard whack.

I didn't count but I think she gave me a dozen really mean ones. They were hard enough to make me feel that tiny bit of panic that comes with something that is so painful you don't know if you will cope. Luckily it is over in an instant and you have plenty of time to concentrate on your smarting behind.

Then she kissed me on my bottom and said good bye and left.

I know that some of you will say that she was very cruel and that it is important with aftercare and all that. I do know that aftercare is all important and that you should be careful with the emotions you set in motion. But she knew, when she left, that I wasn't upset or in tears or anything. She knows me well and she knows I cope with this kind of thing.

In fact, when the shock had passed, I felt quite cheerful. It was such a cheeky thing to do, to deliver a set of hard smacks and then just disappear. And, after all, she did it for me.

My bottom was smarting as I went to work and as I stood there, talking to our customers (or is that clients?) I was very aware of my well spanked bottom. It made me think of Felicia and in a way, I felt that she was there, like she still touched me. She had wanted my bottom to smart and smart it did. I felt quite happy about that.


Anonymous said...

I think that it was a lovely thing that Felicia did for you, Miranda. What a way to make sure that you thought about her from time to time during your day! And how wonderful that you were aware of the well-smacked bottom inside your knickers even when you were at work.

I sometimes deal with Mrs.A's naughty bottom before she goes off to work...usually with the promise of more to come when she returns....and it certainly makes a difference to her day!


jim said...

These recent posts have inspired me to bare my bottom to the bath brush, tonight. I find myself trembling in anticipation. I'll let you know tomorrow how it went.

jim said...

For our S&M evening we bought a M&S £10 meal deal: main meal, sweet, and bottle of wine (really good value).

We watched Harry Hill, and then changed into our play clothes.
Joanie wore a nice velvet jacket, a basque top; medium-length, Victorian bloomers; and a spectacularly frothy white circus dress, above fishnet tights.

In honour of it being the full moon (almost) I wore a pair of silver underpants, which covered my entire behind, and a black shirt.
Joanie has not had much experience using the hairbrush, not to mention the bath brush. So we watched a Maria Beatty dvd: 'Let the punishment fit the child'. The film contains a lovely hairbrush spanking, but you have to ignore a lot of weirdness involving dollies (which we did!)

We always choose music to accompany our spanking sessions. The first song up was: 'Kiss with a fist' by 'Florence and the Machine'. Joanie strolled around the living room, taking care not to go too near the fire with her frothy dress. She's not really into having formal spankings; but conveniently reached over to pick things from the floor--thereby displaying her gorgeous bottom; and allowing me to smack (with my palm)the seat of the knickers that covered her so prettily.

The next song up was: 'Mama He treats your daughter mean'. by Ruby Turner. Joany took her place on the straight-backed chair; and I took my place across her lap. We agreed that she would not take my underpants down on this occasion; so she began to spank my seat with the back of the bath brush (I have cut down the handle for easier use). The song lasts nearly 2 minutes; and she delivered the whacks in tempo with the song. The brush did not hurt me nearly as much as I had imagined it would. I think the reason for that is that she was concentrating on the tempo and not the fortissimo.

The next song up was a beautiful and obscure soul ballad--which I shall not name because its our special song. This was for dancing to, rather than spanking (though she did have to be careful not to tread her spiky highheels in to my bare feet). In retrospect, this was the loveliest part of the evening. I felt so warm and close to her after she had spanked me.

The next song was another 'Florence and the Machine'track': 'The Drumming Song'. We strongly recommend it for spankers everywhere; the lyrics are so appropriate: 'Sweeter than heaven, hotter than hell'. The spanking came only a little brisker than before, but there were a few hard stinging smacks. In any case, we did not make it through the song, because I was blessed with a sweet and thoroughly satisfying orgasm, and I didn't want to get that lovely frothy dress all sticky. We kissed. I cleaned up. We poured some wine, and cuddled up to watch 'Wallander'.

We feel that the bath brush has a lot of potential still to be explored. Thanks for turning us on to it.

MyMask said...

I love it. Keep on blogging!

Miranda said...

Dear Aristotle, thank you. I agree, there is something very naughty and very nice with those 'just before going out' spankings, changes your mood...smiles.

Dear Jim, what a lovely story. It seems as if you really had a good time. I am happy I have inspired you to use new and interesting tools...giggles.

Dear MyMask, thank you, I will try to keep on blogging.



Ivy and Haley said...

Girl on girl BDSM. You make me swoon!