Friday, 5 February 2010

Bath Brush

I hope you don't think that what happened with my friends, what I wrote about in the last blogpost, was anything close to abusive. I may have expressed me as if I wasn't in on it but I was. I know them well and I trust them with my life, they are really great friends. I can assure you that no Mirandas were harmed and that we were all very happy for it to happen.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that Felicia and I are very different. She is very dedicated to her job, her research. I am dedicated to my friends and to her. I am not saying she isn't but she is in addition very focussed on her work, while I see mine as something I like doing, for the time being.

When a thesis is nearing its completion the workload for a dedicated researcher becomes heavier. This means less time for boring partner. I am quite fed up with her thesis to be honest, and so is she. But it has to be done.

This means less time for hobbies. Yes, I said hobbies. I have realised that spanking is a hobby for us. Some people go angling, others climb a rock wall when they get the opportunity and a third gets hot under the collar at the sight of steam engine. Our hobby is spanking. 'So, what are you doing on bank holiday? I am going to work on my shed.' 'Oh, I don't know, if we have time, I will get my knickers down and have my bottom smacked.'

I know that some of you who look upon spanking as a lifestyle may disagree and think I am belittling it, but I don't think I am. It is about the role it plays in your life. Spanking for us, is something that makes us happy and cheerful and it is a stress relief, something we do because we like it and enjoy it and means something important to us. We don't live in a 24/7 Mistress and servant relationship and Felicia isn't my guardian who has to punish her naughty girl to make her go to work. I think, for us, it sounds more like a hobby, a much loved one but still a hobby.

We had time yesterday for our hobby. Felicia found the bath brush and came out to me. I was sitting in the sofa reading.

'I had forgotten this,' she said.

'What a pity.'

'I want to use it.'

'I am in the middle of a chapter.'



After not having had any hobby activities for weeks, it was now or never for her. You know me, don't you, always obliging, wanting to help my friends and be there for them. Yes, that's right!

It didn't take long before I was lying across the armrest of the sofa, skirt up, knickers down and was waiting for the bath brush. It is a powerful tool and can be a little scary at times. But, you know, being just a little scared actually makes you more alert.

It seemed as if Felicia almost had forgotten how to use the bath brush because she was really hesitant and rather cautious in the beginning but after a while she got it right. I guess it is with spanking as with cycling, once you have learned how to do it, you really never forget.

She decided for some sharp and very stinging smacks and didn't keep on spanking me for long.

I know how important it is with warm up and that and if you gradually increase the power of the smacks you can take more but if you know what you are doing a dozen hard smacks can be the thing if you are so inclined.

It hurts more, is sharper and more sudden and you feel it more in your person, if you see what I mean. There is almost a kind of 'no, I don't want this, it hurts too much', so there is a bit of a struggle but it is also quite nice to overcome your misgivings and endure that pain and in reality, it didn't last that long.

Since it had been so long since the last spanking I really enjoyed it. As you understand, not exactly when it happened, but afterwards, when my bottom was tingling and warm, it was quite nice. I just lay there and felt a kind of bliss.

Sometimes it happens, when you are placed over an armrest with your bottom all bare, that you imagine that the other may touch you. All kinds of touches are possible, from a chaste stroke on your bottom to more, how should I put it, intrusive endeavours.

The first reaction, at least for me, is to protect myself, to pull down the skirt and thinking it may be just a little to intrusive. Then next thing that happens, is that a part of you decides to not fight this sensation and then the fact that you are lying there, all bare, becomes a bit of a provocation, for yourself, if no one else. And you actually feel that you want the other to take the opportunity to be, well, at least a little, intrusive.

Felicia is good at knowing what I need. She knew I wanted the spanking, although. I am sure it was a nice combination of she wanting it too. She knew I needed the sharpness of it. And I can tell you she could read my mind afterwards.

There was no more working on the thesis that evening.


MyMask said...

Love your blog. Open and honest. Keep it up.

Librarian said...

Yours is a wonderful blog, and this was one of your best entries ever. Thank you for sharing with us.

Miranda said...

Dear MyMask, thank you for your compliment and welcome to my blog.

Dear Librarian, thank you for your lovely comment. I am a librarian too, although not a proper one...smiles.