Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Silly Games

I wrote in the last post that I can be sexy and attractive. It has never been easy for me to have the confidence to write that. I know I can be but I am still quite embarrassed about myself and my body. Felicia thinks I should be more confident. Hah! Easier said than done. But while I am embarrassed she likes to use that.

In the evenings I usually cook for her. But sometimes she can look at me when I am on my way to the kitchen, beam evilly and then say: 'in the buff, Miranda'. This means she wants me to take my clothes off and cook in the nude.

She knows I will blush and she knows I will be embarrassed and that is why she does it. She says it is therapy for me, to learn not to be ashamed of my body. I know she just says that but it works.

Cooking is not a good idea when naked. You are, kind of, exposed to all things that are hot and so in the kitchen. If Felicia is kind I am allowed to wear an apron when frying.

Anyway, I am really embarrassed at first, when I take my clothes off and walk to the kitchen, having Felicia and Bananas staring at me. But after a while I get used to it, sort of. And then something strange happens. At least when Felicia makes her way to the kitchen to stare some more at me. I find that I like her stares.

Then I blush again but this time it is because I like her eyes on me and I see in her face that she enjoys looking at me. In that moment Miranda feels a little sexy and in that moment she can believe that it is a kind of therapy.


Spanking OTK said...

Thanks for the link. I've added to blog on mine. Best Regards

Anonymous said...

I sometimes think that the embarrassment is 90% of the fun...for both people involved! Glad to hear you are taking sensible precautions like wearing an apron, though. Especially since it leaves the important parts still bare. *wink*


Miranda said...

Dear Spanking OTK, you are welcome.

Dear Alyx, but I suppose there is a difference between embarrassed and excited and really, really, deadly embarrassed so you want to sink through the ground. The first one I, kind of, like...smile. And yes, she sometimes accidentally smacks my bottom when she walks by, mean girlfriend.



Mina said...

It is a sweet sort of therapy and I think and Felicia obviously knows you very well.

She is a smart lady.


Miranda said...

Dear Mina, she is very clever, too clever for her own good, I would say, at least too clever for my bottom's good...now I am beginning to sound really daft.