Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Public Spanking

I seem to recall someone asking for more public spankings of me. This is a little rude, I think but I will try to take it from the lighter side. Anyway, something happened last weekend that was pretty close to a public spanking.

We had friends Kate and Fiona come visiting. They arrived on Saturday and stayed over and left on the Sunday. On Saturday evening we went out for a bite to eat and then to the pub. I always become very silly when Fiona and Kate are here. I can't help feeling happy and when I am happy I tend to be a little silly.

It was a lovely evening and I became a little tipsy but nothing serious. I didn't even have a proper hang over the next morning. Felicia was up early but Fiona wanted to sleep and Kate was not really in a good mood. It wasn't until lunch they were back to their more normal selves.

We did nothing serious on the Sunday but took a walk and when we got back we ended up in our living room. It was then a very strange conversation followed. They all got in their head that Miranda had been behaving in an inappropriate way at the pub.

I am sure they just needed an excuse. I admit that I was singing a little at the table but that is not really cause for blame. Anyway, they were all in agreement that I needed some kind of correction for this.

So, without further ado they decided that Miranda needed a spanking, or two, or three. They were all very enthusiastic about this and who am I to deny my best friends? With a sigh Miranda followed instructions and soon was her skirt gone and her knickers around her ankles and she was lying over the knee of her girlfriend Felicia.

It was different to have an audience, I must say. It was much harder to relax and give in to the spanking. I struggled to keep my composure while Felicia, equipped with the hairbrush did her best to make me lose that same composure.

When there is someone looking who is not your most intimate friend you tend to think about where they are sitting, in what angle they look at you, what parts of your anatomy is on display and such things. It is all very embarrassing.

When she was done, my bottom was rather tender but Fiona took no notice but declared that she should continue with the correction of me. She was very keen on trying the bath brush and Felicia gave her the go ahead.

Fiona is a strong woman and although she didn't put all her strength in it she made an impression. They all found it very amusing and to some extent I was with them. I managed to just about cope with the smacking.

It was inevitable that Kate would have a go too. She decided to use the hairbrush and I was grateful for that but with a very well spanked bottom it was quite unbearable.

It was really an ordeal in many ways and I did struggle to cope. But it was also quite fun. We all laughed and giggled and enjoyed ourselves, at least they enjoyed themselves.

They all appreciated the little dance I performed with my hands on my bottom afterwards. They demanded that I should show them my bottom so they could inspect their work. I believe they felt a tad guilty when they saw how red it had become.

It is always great fun to have Kate and Fiona come visit but this was a little special. We have played spanking games before and I feel quite relaxed around them. They are allowed to watch. But it was still, kind of, special, this sense of almost public spanking.

I did forgive them for spanking me and they admitted that I hadn't been behaving inappropriately at the pub. I was glad to hear that, I was a little worried.


Anonymous said...

I've often fantasied about being spanked or spanking someone in a "semi-public" situation. You're lucky you have friends whom you can share that with. *smile* Of course, that doesn't remove the embarrassment....but that's half the fun! ;)


Anonymous said...

i was the one who asked about it, and i realy enjoyed hearing your tale, i hope there is lots more to come for you and may i take this oppitunity to wish you both a happy new year thanks again xxx

Miranda said...

Dear Alyx, it certainly adds something when someone is watching, even if they are friends and know everything about you.

Dear Anonymous, thank you and a happy new year to you too.



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