Wednesday, 28 January 2009


It is not often you are overpowered. And who wants to be overpowered? Really! I mean we all want power over our own lives and that is how it should be. Can't help having this fantasy about being overpowered. I mean really being overpowered, done things to against my will. Of course it isn't against my will, since it is my fantasy but the idea is kind of exciting, don't know why.

I guess you can play a little with that if you are with someone who is really stronger than you. I mean if they spank you and you, kind of struggle. Mind you, I really think it is abuse if you really, really, don't want it, of course. I am just imagining what it would be if you allowed yourself to try to avoid it.

Felicia is stronger than me but not that much stronger. If I don't want it, she would have a really hard time convincing me. Not that she would ever, ever do that, but still.

We have tried a little, though. I mean playing with it. It is kind of hard to get to it in our relationship, really. If she tells me to do something I will do it, full stop. That is a challenge and a blessing, believe me.

I do feel the urge to protest but that is the challenge, to let go and accept what she says. I had a period when I was very meek and didn't say anything but now I tell her that I am busy or not in the mood if that is the case. The reason why I do that is because I know she will insist if she really wants to spank me. I trust her to show me what she wants and she trusts me to say no if I really, really don't want it.

Anyway, we have played with this overpowering thing. Then Felicia ties my hand behind my back. We are not very much into that but it is kind of sexy to be bound, especially by a gorgeous redhead. She disposes of my knickers, of course, and traps my legs with her leg. In that position I am really stuck.

I try to get away from her but she can really control me in that position. Then she smacks my bottom and I can do nothing about it. This is really a strange sensation because it is almost terrifying but also a thrill surrendering to her. I guess this wouldn't work unless you really trust the other.

I hope you don't think us strange because of this. It is a game and Felicia knows exactly when I don't want it. She would never ever spank me if I really don't let her. I may be unwilling at times but I do let her. I have the last word in this. No doubt about that.


Mina said...

All of this really is so much about trust.

It is nice to play and experiment and just stretch things a little.


Anonymous said...

You must have the right amount of trust in your ralationship. You have a very special relationship.

S. in Dallas

Miranda said...

Dear Mina, it really is...good for us chickens to have someone to trust...smiles.

Dear S., Don't really know what the right amount is, but what we have is good, indeed, and I am grateful for it, every day.



Anonymous said...

I have to agree with everyone here -- when you trust someone enough to play like that, being overpowered can be quite thrilling. *smile*


Anonymous said...
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